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Surfing in Fiji: Namotu Lefts

About Namotu Lefts

Namotu Left is a world class reef break that's more forgiving than it's fearsome neighbour Cloudbreak. From six to fifteen feet, Namotu left can be the thrill of a lifetime, but from two to six foot, shortboard, fish, longboarder or SUPper's paradise, and easily one of the longest rides in the region. 

When the wind is going strong side shore, Namotu Left is as legendary in the sailboard and kitesurf world as Cloudbreak is in the surfing world.

Namotu Lefts is one of the longest rides you'll find in the Mamanucas, sometimes going for more than 100 yards. It's more forgiving than Cloudbreak but no less thrilling, especially when the waves start coming in at 6 feet or higher. If Cloudbreak is too intimidating, head over to Namotu Lefts. You'll find a more mellow ride that won't disappoint.


Along with Swimming Pools, Namotu Lefts is one of the closest of the Fiji surf spots to Namotu Island Resort, located just east of the resort. Close proximity to the resort means this is an uncrowded spot to surf in Fiji and it has become popular with kiteboarders, SUPs, as well as long and short boarders, depending on the conditions.

What To Expect

Namotu Lefts delivers consistently hollow, powerful barrels, and long waves, though they are flatter in the summer. As the name implies, this is a left-hander that breaks consistently year-round on exposed reef. Watch out for rocks and rips here. Groundswells are more frequent than wind swells with onshore winds easily blowing it out.

Namotu Lefts is one of the best places to surf in Fiji if you want to test out some new manoeuvres. Long ride lengths and plenty of friendly sections give you more than enough time to try out new techniques or get in a long ride on a great swell.

When waves are between 2 and 6 feet, shortboards, longboards, fish, and SUPs are all suitable.

Best Conditions For Surfing In Fiji At Namotu Lefts

The best swells at Namotu Lefts come from the Southwest, with winds coming in from the Northeast. Swell heights range from 1m-4m with mid and high tides offering the best positions, but it can be surfed at any tide.

Namotu Lefts is a world-class break best for experienced surfers.

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