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Surfing Tavarua Rights

About Surfing Tavarua Rights

When the wind and swell aren't perfect for Namotu Left or Cloudbreak, they can be perfect for Tavarua Rights - a fun wave on the southwest side of Tavarua Island. Great for a long or shortboard.

Tavarua Rights is a fun right handed break that is a great choice if the lefts just aren’t breaking for you at Cloudbreak or Namotu Lefts. Long and shortboarders will all find something to surf in Fiji at Tavy Rights, and it's usually not crowded. It's a good time for surfers of all styles.


Tavarua Rights is located at the windward side of Tavarua Island, just southeast of Namotu Island Resort. The waves break over a coral barrier reef that surrounds the island and die down into glassy blue waters.

What To Expect

Tavarua Rights produces high-quality waves that are shorter, faster, and heavier than Wilkes. You'll find the best waves at Tavy Rights between May and October, but they will show up consistently anytime of the year, especially if winds from the southeast are gentle. Too often, strong southeasterly winds ruin any chance of surfing.

Glassy conditions are common at Tavarua Rights, and you may find kiteboarders and SUPs in the area when this happens. At size, Tavarua Rights is a challenging right barrel. When small, it is a fun and totally rippable ride on beautiful blue cylinders. Swells range from 2 to 2.5 m.

Best Conditions For Surfing In Fiji At Tavarua Rights

Don’t let Tavarua Rights' reputation as user-friendly and playful fool you. This Fiji surf spot gets serious the bigger it gets, which is why it's best to hit this Fiji surf spot on days with little to no wind, or with winds from the Northeast. Expect a challenge when winds come in from the Southeast.

Remember the sharp reef surrounding this prime Fiji surf location and aim for mid to high tides to avoid taking any damage during wipeouts.

Surfing Fiji's Tavarua Rights is best left to advanced and expert surfers. 

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