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Surfing in Fiji: Wilkes

About Wilkes

About a mile northwest of Namotu Island, across the channel, Wilkes Pass is a powerful right barrel that breaks on the southern tip of a long barrier reef. Wilkes is a serious wave that will test the skill of any surfer, especially as it approaches the 10 foot mark. While once crowded, these days you might find yourself alone with your mates on this challenging wave.

If you're in the mood for a fun and powerful right-hander, head to Wilkes. Sometimes called Wilkes Pass or Wilkes Passage, this is one spot where you can find surfing in Fiji that is suitable for all skill levels. This makes Wilkes a popular spot, so be prepared for crowds at times.


Wilkes Pass is located just one mile northwest of Namotu Island Resort. It is an open-ocean reef pass that breaks on the southern tip of a long exposed barrier reef.

What To Expect

Wilkes is long and hollow, rising straight out of the very deep water at the end of the Malolo Barrier Reef. You can expect consistent surfing here, even if it is a bit smaller during the summer. Given its location across a deep channel at the end of the Malolo Barrier Reef, you need to watch out for rips as well as the reef, but it is not as shallow as some of the other spots to surf in Fiji. Wilkes' location opens it up to swells and all kinds of wind, which gives reasonable take-offs followed by long walls. You'll find some nice sections of speed on the wall and will end up in a shallow, inside bowl.

Although Wilkes is suitable for many levels of surfers, it is still a challenging Fiji surf spot, particularly as the waves increase in size. Swells of 1.5-2m are common but it's not unusual to find 10-foot waves here.

Best Conditions For Surfing In Fiji At Wilkes

The best winds for Wilkes come from the northeast, and the best rides are at high tide.

Surfers of all skill levels will enjoy Wilkes Pass. It's a high-quality ride that is extremely fun. If you're lucky you may get to share it with some dolphins.

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