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More information about Namotu

Our digital guest book provides further information ahead of your trip to Namotu Island. Remember, you can also contact us or confirm details with Sara before your trip. Watch the guided tour for a look at our resort from the bars and beach to the rooms and restaurant.

We have two bars - the Sunset Bar and Waqa's Bar. Sunset Bar (main bar): Serves from sunrise till late. Waqa's Bar (Beach bar): 10am till 7pm offering cocktails, beer and select bar snacks. Items ordered here are an additional cost that will be added to your bar tab with final amount payable on check-out. All prices are in Fijian Dollars. If you brought duty free liquor, please keep it in your private accommodations. There is be a chilling/corkage fee of $20FJD per bottle of wine.

We sell a curated range of branded apparel, sunscreen (reef safe), souvenirs and goods. All prices are inclusive of all government taxes and duties and prices are listed in FJD. If you can't find your size please ask the staff at reception.

Although Namotu doesn't take cash for bar bill payments, we recommend bringing some for tipping our local staff and volunteers. See tipping for more info.

We are most happy to arrange a Fijian nanny for your children. Please book this in advance. Cost per family/room is $450FJD per week (8hr days)

To allow housekeeping time to clean your room for the next guests, please check out of your room and leave bags outside at 8am on Sunday. You will depart the Island at 10:00 am sharp. There are no exceptions as we have another group of guests arriving and need time to prepare the resort. Please visit the office to ensure you have everything ready for your departure on Sunday morning.

Visa, American Express and Mastercard are accepted as payment. We do not accept cash. We primarily use our secure hotel software to process payments and do not charge until checkout.

In the rare event of a cyclone warning, information bulletins will be posted on the notice board and updated regularly. Once a cyclone alert is issued you may be asked to evacuate the Island. Management will keep you informed at all times and you are asked to follow strict instructions given during this period. please contact your travel insurance company directly and make a claim to cover mainland accommodations during the evacuation

Boats are available from sunrise to sunset. We cannot use the boats during the night so you must be back from surfing before sunset. If you would like to join the fisherman on his next trip, please speak with him directly. Any additional or long-distance surf trips can be arranged with the surf guides.

Snorkelling is best off the eastern side of the island at mid-tide on calm days. There are bouys to mark a safe dive zone where you can go out directly from the beach. Any other locations we require you to take a boat for your own safety. Equipment is available for free at the boat shed, however if the gear you checked out isn’t returned, we charge you $50USD to replace it.

The surrounding waters offer magnificent diving conditions. SCUBA can be arranged with our office. We work with several third-party providers who offer a variety of dives at reasonable prices. Please remember to bring your dive card/number with you when booking and know your gear size.

You can exchange your currency to Fiji dollars at Nadi airport while waiting for your luggage but tips are gratefully accepted in any currency. You can use your Fiji cash for gratuities or shopping in the local villages. On the island we prefer credit card.

Yes, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your dietary needs.

Comfortable! Although on Fiji night we ask men to wear a button up shirt and women to cover shoulders and knees during the ceremony. Bula shirts and sulus are available in the boutique along with a range of Namotu brand apparel.

Namotu runs on Australian/NZ outlets at 240 volts. Because we make our own electricity, please turn lights out during the day when not required and be mindful of unnecessary use. Please ask reception when plugging in any device as the wrong device could destroy our power systems or your device. The office has a 110 volts converter for charging camera equipment.

Please speak to surf guides or management immediately if you have an urgent medical situation. Medi-vac helicopter is available to take you to hospital during the day and water taxis operate at night. There are two AEDs (defibrillators) on the Island, one at the beach and one at the main bar and we have a kit for emergencies including allergic reactions. We have a third-party medical centre based in Denarau who can treat more serious injuries and provide stitches, xrays and further help. These services must be paid for but can be claimed via your travel insurance

We have a selection of epoxy and soft top surfboards, all-round stand up paddleboards and paddles, snorkelling gear, kayaks and more down at the boatshed. Please speak to the staff at the boatshed or surf guides for assistance. Damage to any equipment will incur a fee, usually the cost of repair but occasionally a full replacement may be required. All costs will simply be added to your bar tab payable upon check-out. There is also a range of special hire equipment including wind sport gear, foils and premium surfboards.

On Thursday night at around 7pm we celebrate the Fijian culture with a traditional yaqona (kava) ceremony. Dress in a traditional sulu and bula shirt (shirts and sulus available in the boutique) and drink some kava while our staff band entertains you throughout the evening. Please feel free to bring any gifts in the form of old clothing, kids toys, kids arts and crafts to present to them. This certainly is not expected or compulsory, but something they really appreciate and love.

We are happy to tow you behind our boats if you'd like to learn to foil. We have helmets and impact vests as well as a SUP foil available free to use. On most weeks some of the surf guides will have foiling experience, otherwise the manager will provide some guidance. Experienced foilers are welcome to paddle or kite foil off the island and use the surf boats as normal. Prone and kite foils are available for hire.

The Cobalt is a 32ft WorldCat with live bait tanks, twin Yamaha 300hp outboards, onboard head, top-of-the-range electronics and outriggers. The Cobalt serves as our luxury charter boat and can also be booked for inter-island or airport transfers. If you would like to charter the Cobalt for fishing, day trips or transfers, please see reception or contact charters@namotuisland.com.

Please note the reef surrounding Namotu is a Marine Park and any fishing here is catch and release only. All GT and Red Bass are catch and release only, on any boat in any area. If you want to fish off the beach, please bring your own gear..

The surrounding waters are home to a wide variety of fish. Small boat, bottom fishing, trolling and spearfishing can be arranged with the Fijian boatmen at your leisure. The volunteer fisherman on duty will be heading out to catch food for the Island throughout the week so if you're interested please approach him and arrange to join a trip. Weather permitting, the fisherman will go out every morning at 6am-10am and 3pm-7pm or sundown depending on the time of year. Guests may use a wide range of lures, however if something is lost, it will be added to your bar tab.

Spearfishing is permitted outside our Marine Park Zone and you are welcome to spearfish anytime during the day. Please ensure a boat follows you to ensure you’re safe. We do not provide any spearfishing equipment for hire.

Surf guides and medic will be able to assist. We strongly recommend treating any cuts immediately, even if they're small. Basic first aid items are in reception but please don't take this to your room as it's for everyone to share.

Helicopter transfers to Denarau, Nadi Airport and other islands are available for 1-5persons. Please see reception to make a booking.

We have a range of surfboards, foils, kites and wings for hire. These can be reserved ahead of time or while you're on the Island through the office, boat shed or manager. See "Equipment Hire" on the menu for more info. We can't guarantee any particular item will be available during your stay as it may have been damaged prior to your arrival, however if you are hiring equipment and want an updated list, please email media@namotuisland.com the week before your trip. In a perfect world we have the following hire surfboards: Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive 9’2, TJ Pro 9’0, 2x Bing glass 9’4s, Firewire Moe 8’0, Firewire Mid 6 7’10, DHD Black Diamond 6’6, DHD BW 6’1, DHD Phoenix 6’1, DHD XRS 6’1

Wifi Internet is available throughout the resort and is now included in your package price for all adults. Please see reception if you're having trouble. Note that while we do our best to provide a good and fast connection, this is satellite wifi in a developing country so issues can arise. Please be patient with us. If an internet connection is essential to you, we recommend purchasing a local SIM card from the airport as backup so you can connect using mobile data.

Fancy a trip to Cloud9, a bit of tow surfing, foiling or simply a jet-ski experience? Hire one of our Yamaha FXHO Cruisers for up to a week. Visit reception to make a reservation.

Both flat water and wave kiting is on offer in the waters around Namotu. We have some kite equipment available to hire for experienced kiters as well as an air compressor at the boat shed. Lessons are not available on standard weeks although you may find that some of the surf guides are proficient kiters and can lend assistance. The marine crew at the boat shed will be able to help you to launch and land on request and most of our boatmen are experienced at picking up stranded kiters. Please follow their directions during a rescue. When kitesurfing at Namotu Lefts, be aware that normal priority rules apply, especially if there are surfers in the water.

We offer a basic laundry service. You may speak with housekeeping directly or bring clothing to the office and arrange it there.

Please see reception

Massage is available throughout the week. Please book in at reception.

Sun protection including a hat, sunglasses and sun screen are necessary although we sell some in the boutique. Beach towel, reef shoes, rash guard. We have a small infirmary on the island but please pack your own first aid including anti-inflammatories/NSAIDs, cold & flu, bandaids, peroxide/antiseptic solution and cream, neosporin/bactroban, eye drops as well as personal medications. We recommend bringing spare fins, legrope, wax, fin key, water bottle, dry bag and spray jacket

We have a resident photographer who will shoot all week. On Friday they'll share their work with a slideshow before dinner and you can purchase any photos or videos direct from them before you depart. It helps the photographer to know if you're interested in photo or looking for something specific at the start of the week.

Sunrise to 10am: Continental breakfast 7am - 9am: À la carte hot breakfast: If you’re going fishing or surfing at this time you’re welcome to place an order before you go so it will be there waiting upon your return. No orders will be taken after 9am. 12:30pm – 2pm: Buffet style lunch. If you're out in the water don’t hurry, lunch will be put aside for you. Sunset: Bar snacks. Don’t miss this! 7:30pm – 9:00pm: Dinner. Buffet style menu varying daily.

Our boats offer unlimited access to Namotu lefts, Swimming Pools, and Wilke’s Passage. You can ask for a boat to these breaks at anytime from the Fijian staff at the boatshed. We also offer boats to Cloudbreak, Restaurants, Kiddie Land, Tavarua Rights, Desperations and Love Shacks at set times that will vary depending on tides, conditions and your requests. The head surf guide will arrange these trips and organise the boat/s so please speak with them if you’d like to venture further afield. Please keep boards in the racks provided at your bure or the board rack on the beach.

We have some incredible volunteers taking care of you in and out of the water so be sure to chat to them about the best breaks and tide times. They will schedule trips to Cloudbreak and can provide guidance on the best times to visit other breaks in the area. There'll always be a guide with you in the water so if you want local tips, just ask! Likewise if there are any other activities you're interested in please let them know - they can help you with everything from surfing and SUP'ing to snorkelling and spearfishing. Surf guides are also first aid trained so please see them if you need any medical attention and they will either treat or refer. Reef cuts should be attended immediately to prevent infection.

If someone is injured at Cloudbreak, Desperations or Restaurants, all guests must immediately return to the boat when directed by surf guides or boatmen. We cannot leave anyone behind in these situations and delaying returning to the boat puts others at risk. Please learn and use the hand signals to communicate with others out of earshot. The jet ski is available for hire (with suitable driver) on larger days for safety or towing if appropriate.

All prices on Namotu include a 15% VAT (value added tax).

Tipping is not compulsory but the resort has a Fijian staff tip box in the office and all funds are distributed at the end of the week. A typical amount is $50-100USD per guest. We particularly request that guests do not make gifts of alcohol to the Fijian staff, as staff members are strictly prohibited the consumption of alcohol on the Island. Please also let management know if you’re giving an item to a staff member as a personal gift, otherwise we may think you left it behind unintentionally. Our surf guides, fisherman, doctor/medic and yoga instructor are here on an unpaid basis so tipping here is at your discretion also and greatly appreciated. You can tip these volunteers in cash in person. Alcohol gifts are ok for volunteers. When tipping fishing charter guides or outside tours we recommend 10-20% of the value of trip total. We also have a Village School Fund which is donated to our local charity to help with school supplies and uniforms for the kids related to Namotu Island $20USD. You can ask about this at the office.

Please do not remove bath towels from your room for beach use. Pool towels are available at the office or by the pool. Please contact housekeeping via reception for any additional towels or bedding.

We use a third party to handle guest transfers to and from Namotu. Your package includes a trip from Nadi Airport to Namotu and back. If you're staying in town before or after your trip to Namotu, this transfer will also be provided. We recommend leaving all large luggage with the driver if you're staying at a hotel before coming to us so make sure you pack an overnight bag separately.

We ask that all guests take out travel insurance at time of booking to cover trip cancellation and medical. Please see our Travel Insurance page for options or discuss with Sara.

It’s always a good idea to secure all valuables. Some rooms have their own lock box but please see reception if you need instructions on how to use the boxes. If your room is without a safe, please see management for securing your valuables and cash.

You’re welcome to visit most of the neighbouring islands including Tavarua, Castaways and Cloud 9 but these must be arranged prior. Speak to the surf guides and they will arrange the trip and boat for you. It’s always a good idea to bring a spray jacket and credit card.

Please drink only from the marked filtered water stations around the island. Do not drink from any other taps. You can purchase bottled water and refill during your stay or visit the boutique for a range of quality reusable bottles. If you're having trouble with showers or hot water in your bure, please see management or the office and we'll have it fixed ASAP.

The resident volunteer yoga instructor will schedule classes each day. Make sure you notify them of any injuries or if you'd like to schedule a private session or specific time. Mats, blocks and some straps are provided and free to use anytime. Keep an eye on the blackboard for time and location updates.

We have two jet-skis that are for hire only. In rare occasions the manager may deploy them for safety reasons. If you'd like to to hire a jet ski, please pre-book or speak to the manager to arrange it.