Fiji Surf Resorts And Locations: A Guide To Selecting The Ideal Destination

You're taking some time off to surf and want to spend it in a world-class location, such as Fiji. The challenge is finding a resort that puts you close to the action while accommodating your style. Although there are numerous Fiji surf resorts, some are considerably better than others.

Choosing a great location comes down to 3 basic attributes:

  1. nearness to Fiji's top surf breaks
  2. range of enjoyable lodgings
  3. interaction with other surfing enthusiasts

Read on to learn how those 3 features will influence your experience surfing in Fiji.

Proximity To The Top Fiji Surf Spots

Quick access to the prime surf locations in Fiji should be one of your top priorities when choosing a resort. You want to be able to roll out of bed and tackle Wilkes Pass, Cloudbreak and other renowned hotspots within minutes.

Before you book your accommodations, make sure the resort you're considering is within a few miles of Fiji's most celebrated breaks. That way, you'll minimise the time it will take you to reach them. Less time spent traveling means more time enjoying the waves.

Comfortable Fiji Surf Accommodations

The best Fiji surf resorts offer a variety of lodgings. If you're travelling by yourself or with a companion, a comfy beach bure may be perfect. On the other hand, if you're travelling with a small group, you'll enjoy the space and amenities of a private villa. Some even offer exclusive pools and large deck areas on which you and your companions can unwind.

Don't settle for uncomfortable accommodations. A cozy beach bure or private villa near the water will help you relax so you'll be ready to perform when you hit the waves.

Access To Experienced Fiji Surf Pros

Surfing is an individual sport. You spend a lot of time in your own thoughts when you're on the water. Paddling out, timing your entries and looking for barrelling opportunities requires focus.

Having said that, surfing is also a social sport. You'll be tackling the top breaks with other surfers and sharing your exploits (and blunders) with them over dinner.

No one can fully appreciate the bliss of conquering the Fiji surf like veteran surfers who have enjoyed the same experience. Part of the joy of taking on Cloudbreak and other world-famous surf spots is sharing the story with new friends. With that in mind, the resort you choose should attract skilled surfers with whom you can interact.

Those are the 3 most important things to take into account when choosing a Fiji surf resort. It should provide quick access to the top surf locations; it should offer satisfying accommodations; and it should give you an opportunity to mingle with experienced surfers.

The Namotu Island Resort offers those features and much more. Book your accommodations today to enjoy world-class surfing in one of the South Pacific's most arresting surf destinations.