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Want Surf and Foil Lessons? You Need A Kite Week

Ben Wilson answers the top 10 most asked questions about his signature Kite Weeks. Questions like, “am I good enough to kite in Fiji?”; “I’m not a great surfer but I’d love to try. Will there be waves for me?” and “my partner doesn’t kite, what can they do?”


Ben Wilson Kitesurfing at Cloudbreak, April 2021

For over 20 years our General Manager, Ben Wilson has been kiting around Namotu after first learning the sport in its early days. Ben went on to have a career in kiting and has been running Kite Weeks on Namotu for over 8 years. During that time he’s been on the cover of plenty of magazines. His latest is on iKsurf Mag.


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Ben Wilson Kite Week, June 2019

The Kite Week circus has just rolled out of town after a huge week of kitesurfing, surfing and even foiling and SUPing. Ben has been coming to Namotu since we opened and each trade wind season he runs a series of Kite Weeks where he brings a large team of instructors to coach kiters of


Best Gear For Kitesurfing Fiji

Most people get started with lessons and use the equipment provided by the school, but once you've got the skills, it's time to get your own gear.