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rich tuohy namotu sea salt

From the Sea: Namotu’s Very Own Sea Salt

Saltwater is our bread and butter. Not much happens here that doesn’t revolve around it, good or bad. We spend all day in it, on it or sometimes just cursing it for the never-ending maintenance nightmare it creates. Saltwater is the bane of our existence. With so much salty water all around us, it seemed


eryn krouse namotu longboarding

Longboarding Surf Breaks around Namotu, Fiji

The longer I spend observing different seasons in Fiji the less stock I put in stereotypes and even less confidence I have in predicting what a particular month might look like. But looking at this gorgeous February clip from Eryn Krouse and Lia Turiano reminds me of those idyllic summer months in Fiji when the


Modo MD Medical Clinic

In December 2023 Reza and Kelly from Modo MD came down with the Yachtman family to conduct a medical clinic on Namotu and our local village of Solevu.


The Fiji Pro is coming home to Cloudbreak

The wave pool is out and Cloudbreak is in. It’s been too long since Matt Wilkinson won in 2017 and even longer since Parko missed his heat to go fishing and got a little stranded… They were good times and it wasn’t just the surfing that was an annual highlight in the series.


kohl christensen by chris peel at cloudbreak

July Wind & Waves

We’re now around halfway through the Unlimited Week season (select dates June-Sept) and have been scoring consistent wind and waves throughout July. The last two weeks have been particularly bountiful with a solid swell that stuck around for days and SE winds ideal for kiting and winging. Chris Peel shot a particularly good afternoon at


freediving training with kyron rathbone

Freediving with Kyron on Unlimited Weeks

Namotu Island is the ultimate destination for water sports enthusiasts. While we’re normally above the water for most of our activities, there are moments when things don’t go as planned, leaving you breathless underwater. That’s where freediving comes in. By learning to freedive, you can gain confidence, remain calm, and safely expand your range in


nabila medical outreach heart examination

Nabila Medical Outreach

Essential health care for our local village on mainland Fiji It all started with a fateful trip in May 2022… Leena Zhou is one of our volunteer yoga teachers who also happens to be an Australian doctor. When one of our staff members (Timoci) lost consciousness and re-fractured his collarbone, Leena went with him to