Foiling Namotu Island

namotu foiling foil

We think we have some of the best foiling waves in the world. We might even be the world’s first foil resort…

In the last couple of years we’ve cottoned on to the whole #loyaltothefoil craze after realising we have a ton of amazing foil waves plus the ultimate area for learning. In fact, we have so many foil runs we decided to name them! Check them out on the map below and when you’re next on Namotu you can tick them off the bucket list.

If you’d like to learn to foil, why not join Dave Kalama’s Foil Kamp? He brings some incredible coaches and together with his years of wisdom and our setup you’ll be gliding over the water in no time. Likewise, if you are an existing foiler you can seriously refine your technique and take it to the next level with Dave’s instruction.

Dave Kalama’s son, Austin showing what’s possible on a foil.