Plan Your Adventure: Surfing, Boating, And Fishing In Fiji Are All Yours At Namotu Island Resort

Is it time for a vacation? If you're looking for fun, sun, and adventure the perfect spot for your vacation is Namotu Island, Fiji. Whether you are going as a family, part of a group, or for a couples getaway there is plenty to keep you busy at Namotu Island Resort.

If this is your first time in Fiji, you'll have to plan your time wisely in order to get everything packed in. With the perfect weather and beautiful ocean beaches, you'll have a hard time deciding what to do. 

Explore The Ocean With Surfing Day Trips In Fiji

Get in the ocean and hit the waves. Surfing is the thing to do in Fiji, and don't let being a beginner stop you! There are surfing day trips in Fiji for all experience levels and any one of them will provide hours of surf time and fun. For your family or group, you could book one of the surfing charters in Fiji and spend time at select locations with just your own friends and family.

Don't stop at surfing though. The ocean is host to plenty of activities that let you have fun on and in the water. Kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, canoeing, snorkelling, and touring don't require a surf board but still let you get out and have fun. Fiji boat trips allow you to see more of the islands; kayak around and look for local species; or enjoy world-class fishing in Fiji. Whether you want to catch dinner or just want to try your hand at game fishing, Namotu Island offers it all.

Relaxation, Day Spas And Yoga In Fiji

After all that time spent on the ocean, you'll need to kick back and relax on shore. There are plenty of ways to unwind. Go for a massage at day spas in Fiji or an outdoor yoga session on the beach to calm the mind and soothe the body. With all of the different ways to experience Namotu even if you’re not on the ocean, you will soon find yourself in sync with the rhythm of the island.

Adventure Awaits At Namotu Island Resort

Maybe you came for adventure and relaxing can wait. Challenge yourself and learn or progress kite surfing in Fiji. New and experienced kite surfers will find the waves fun and flat water riding incredible!

Bring your kite and pump up on any side of the island, based on the right wind direction or get a lesson to progress. As wish list and one of the best kite surfing destinations on the planet, kite surfing in Fiji will leave you wanting more and more.

No matter what, there will be activities to keep your vacation jam packed as you play at Namotu Island Resort, Fiji's island of adventure and fun. 

If taking a vacation to paradise is your dream, ask the team at Namotu Island Resort to start planning your trip today!