What Is The Best Season To Surf In Fiji?

One of the reasons people love to surf in Fiji is the temperate climate. No matter what month you go, the air and water temperature run in a pretty narrow range of 25° to 28°C. You can surf in board shorts pretty much year-round and leave the wet suit at home. However, weather conditions do change throughout the year so you might want to plan your surfing vacation accordingly.

November-February brings calm waters and small waves. This is a great season for beginners or people who want to stand up paddle surf in Fiji. It's also a time for people who want less crowded beaches. You can still find some decent surfing, as well as indulge in a host of other activities such as fishing or snorkelling.

March-April is when the surf starts to kick up. The waves are good without being insane. The beaches are a little more crowded but there is still plenty of ocean to surf in. Weather can change from day to day so you get to surf in a variety of conditions. This is one of the two best seasons to surf in Fiji.

May-August gives surfers really big waves. These might be intimidating for a beginner, but experienced surfers love it. Conditions can get a little intense, but overall you can find great surf conditions at one of the many surfing spots around Fiji.

September-October sees the waves start to die down as the area heads into summer. This gives conditions very much like those seen in March and April, making this the other of the two best seasons to surf in Fiji. Good waves, decent crowds and the usual great climate make this time of year popular for Fiji vacationers.

Of course, conditions vary over time so always be sure to check out local surf conditions before heading out for a day of surfing. Any time of year is great for surfing in this area which is why Fiji is such a popular spot for surf enthusiasts.