Your Link To The Best Surf Spots In Fiji Is Namotu Island Resort

Fiji is renowned for its surfing. There's hardly a bad place to hit the surf here, but for access to the best surf spots and surf breaks in Fiji, you can hardly pick a better home base than Namotu Island Resort. Namotu Island is centrally located to all the best surf breaks that draw surfers from all around the world. Let's take a look at them.

Top Surf Breaks In Fiji

Namotu Island Resort is located near seven of the best surf spots in Fiji. They are:

  • Cloudbreak. Arguably the most famous of all surf breaks in Fiji and in the world, the waves here are consistent, clean and always challenging. As one of the fastest left hand barrels, Cloudbreak is typically for the most advanced surfers and chargers alike!
  • Restaurants. Among the best surf spots in Fiji, offering different challenges at different times of day. Long, hollow lefts are common. Best at mid and high tide due to the shallow reef and for intermediate to advanced surfers.
  • Desperations. This is where the locals go when they are desperate to find surf. Even if the water is flat at other surf spots, Desperations is a swell magnet and will always have swell and small waves. From beginner to advanced surfer levels, left and right hand waves await; remember the best time to surf Desperations is on high tide.
  • Namotu Lefts. Similar to Cloudbreak, but not as challenging. This is an all around great surf break that is rarely crowded. Namotu Lefts are Long breaking lefts for beginners to advanced surfers.
  • Swimming Pools. Perfect surfing for every skill level, this spot even attracts SUPs. Fun and playful right breaking surf.
  • Tavarua Rights. All around great surfing for any skill level. Good for longboard and shortboards no matter the weather. Right break.
  • Wilkes Pass. Great for all experience levels, but always a challenge. This fun righthander has exposed reef and rips. Can be crowded.

Visit All Of These Surf Spots And More From Namotu Island Resort

When you stay at Namotu Island Resort, you can visit all of these favourite surf spots! Our on-staff surf guides will bring you out by boat to whichever spot you want to try out. Boat transfers are available all day, every day. And if you want to try something off the beaten path, just ask! We know all the hot spots, but we also know where to find those lesser known, but just as great surf spots in Fiji that the locals adore.

Contact Namotu Island Resort today at 310-584-9900 to reserve your surf vacation! In the USA, call 888-669-SURF or email us at info@namotuisland.com.