Despos surfing fiji2
Despos surfing fiji
Desperations surfing in fiji
Desperations surfing fiji

Surfing in Fiji: Desperations

About Surfing Desperations

Farther northwest up the barrier reef from Wilkes Pass, Desperations is a right and left peak that breaks off a point. Desperations is the go-to-spot when the ocean is having an off day, and consistent in its size when everywhere else has nothing to offer. Desperations is guaranteed to be better than 90% of the waves most surfers leave behind at home.

Desperations is an all-time favourite spot for surfing in Fiji. You'll find great surfing here even if there are just flat waters everywhere else. But you don't have to be desperate to surf Desperations, it's a fun ride no matter what, and it'll be better than 90% of the waves you've left behind at home.


Desperations is located outside of the Malolo Barrier Reef, just a few miles northwest of the Namotu Island Resort, and an approximately 5-10 minute boat ride past Wilkes Pass.

What To Expect

Expect fast waves with nice hollows at Desperations, especially when winds are blowing from the east. Desperations breaks off a point, which makes for both right and left breaks that are 1-2 feet higher than those at nearby breaks.

Although a fast and powerful ride, the biggest thing Desperations is known for is the consistency of its swell. In fact, that consistency is one of the reasons that Desperations is such a popular spot to surf in Fiji. Even if the surf is small or non-existent in other spots, you're almost certain to catch a wave here thanks to that point break. Swells start working under 3 feet and hold their form to over 6 feet.

Best Conditions For Surfing In Fiji At Desperations

Winds from the east will give you the best swells in this Fiji surf spot. Be sure to try it at high tide for the fastest runs. Keep in mind that if the waves are too big it can be difficult to get out of the inside here. This is due to the multitude of peaks and the extra size of the waves.

Like most of the surfing in Fiji, Desperations is for advanced to expert surfers. Watch out for rips and undertow.

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