4 Tips For Preparing For Your First Fiji Surf Experience

Favoured by professional surfers and experienced amateurs, Fiji is known to offer some of the best waves in the world. With fantastic breaks and plenty of room to enjoy them, surfing Fiji gives you the best of both worlds.

The following 4 tips will help to ensure your visit meets, and even exceeds, your expectations.

#1 – Pack The Right Surfing Gear

You’ll need your surfboard, fins (or skegs), wax, leash, and repair kit. You should also pack a pair of sunglasses and some type of sun protection. A decent wetsuit and rash vest are also a good idea. The waters near the islands tend to stay relatively warm, but a wetsuit will come in handy if you get cold.

#2 – Get To Know The Top Fiji Surf Spots

Before landing, study up on the top waves found near the main islands. Learn about Cloudbreak, Restaurants, and Namotu Lefts Wilkes and Desperations.

Learn what type of break each spot offers – for example, a right-hand vs. left-hand reef break – and the height of the waves.

Note that some surf spots, such as Cloudbreak, are best left to those with experience. Others, such as Swimming Pools and Mini Break, and tamer and generally safe for those who are less sure of themselves.

#3 – Review Proper Surf Etiquette

A  little etiquette goes a long way.

First, recognise and acknowledge who has the right of way. If you're at the wave's peak, you own it. If the other person is closer, let him go first.

Second, don't paddle in front of another surfer. Get behind them and stay out their way.

Third, share the waves. Even if your longboard puts you in front and allows you to snatch all the waves from the other surfers, it's bad form to do so.

Your time at the Namotu Island Resort will be memorable even if you arrive completely unprepared, as experienced surf guides are on hand to help you to make the most of your trip.