Harness The Power Of The Wind With Kitesurfing In Fiji

Few adventure sports combine two of nature's most awesome forces – wind and water – like kitesurfing in Fiji. Balancing the waves and water underfoot while you contend with strong ocean winds above you makes for an exhilarating day and an adventure to provide lifelong memories and there is no better place to make those memories than at Namotu Island Resort.

There's Never A Bad Day For Kitesurfing Fiji Islands At Namotu Island Resort

At Namotu Island Resort, kitesurfers have access to some of the world's best surfing locations. Even if the ocean is having an off day, kitesurfers are guaranteed to find awe-inspiring waves at world-class surf spots like Cloudbreak and Desperations. And if those swells are too intimidating for you, you can work your way up to them at any of the other five distinct surfing locations surrounding the island, including:

Restaurants. If you've ever wanted to experience a skate park in the water, Restaurants is it. A long, hollow left awaits you with fewer swells than Cloudbreak but no less a challenging ride.

Namotu Lefts. Experience the kitesurfing Fiji islands legend that is Namotu Lefts on your next kitesurfing Fiji adventure. More forgiving than Cloudbreak, Namotu Lefts is one of the longest rides with swells ranging from a short two feet to fifteen feet.

Wilkes Pass. Not for the faint of heart, Wilkes Pass is a powerful right barrel with ten-foot waves that will test your skills and make for a challenging run.

Tavarua Rights. Tavarua Rights is the go-to spot for kitesurfing in Fiji. If nature isn't cooperating at other the sites, head over to Tavarua Rights for a fun ride on the southeast side of Tavarua Island.

Swimming Pools. Swimming Pools provides an all-around good time for kitesurfers. With reef breaks coming right out of the deep ocean, Swimming Pools offers the perfect blend of speed, power and length, allowing you to try out new techniques and hone your skills.

Start Making Memories With Namotu Island Resort's Kitesurfing Fiji Holidays

Spend your next holiday at Namotu Island Resort and kitesurf to your heart's content. You won't find such diversity of swells and breaking points so close together anywhere else in the world. If you're looking for a spot where you can enjoy kitesurfing in Fiji during the day and a luxury island resort in the evening, contact Namotu Island Resort today and book your next kitesurfing Fiji islands adventure.