Namotu Island Tops List Of World Class Fiji Surf Resorts

At some Fiji surf resorts, you get world-class waves but low class accommodations. Not at Namotu Island Resort. We offer the best of both worlds. Seven unique, challenging and world-renowned Fiji surf spots, luxurious beach bures to relax in at the end of the day and freshly prepared, local gourmet food to keep you fuelled for surfing in Fiji all await you at Namotu Island Resort.

Seven Prime Fiji Surf Spots Within Minutes Of Namotu Island Resort

Namotu Island's unique location at the edge of the Mamanuca archipelago gives you access to some of the best waves in the world. An abundance of live coral reefs in the area create breaks ranging from soft and playful to tough and fast, making Namotu Island the perfect place to hone your skills no matter what your experience level. Choose from:

Cloudbreak is easily the most recognizable spot for surfing in Fiji. Routinely voted one of the 10 Best and Most Challenging waves in the world, Cloudbreak won't disappoint. If you're coming to Fiji to surf, a visit to Cloudbreak is a must.

Tavarua Rights offers a good time no matter what the weather. Grab a longboard or shortboard and head over for a fun wave ride.

Restaurants offers different challenges depending on the time of day. It usually offers long hollow lefts along the reef but at high tide the location has been compared to a skate park in the water. Restaurants gets its name from the restaurant on Tavarua Island, which overlooks this prime surfing spot.

Swimming Pools attracts a variety of surfers. Longboarders, shortboarders and stand up paddleboarders all flock to this fun and playful Fiji surf spot.

Namotu Lefts provides similar world-class reef breaks as Cloudbreak, but is more forgiving, making it one of the longest rides in the area.

Wilkes Pass is located just across the channel from Namotu Island. This powerful right barrel breaks on the southern tip of a long barrier reef. 

Desperations is the place to be if you're not catching any waves elsewhere. Situated at a point, Desperations provides consistent high quality waves no matter what the wind conditions.

While these seven are the most famous Fiji surf spots, plenty of smaller, less well-known spots offer challenges and fun too. Just ask one of our friendly guides where to go to catch some less well-known waves!

Surf In Confidence

Wondering how to find these great surf spots? Namotu Island Resort provides transportation to these famous locations and expert surf guides to accompany you. Our boats moor near each surf spot and are fully stocked with first aid supplies and other necessities to ensure safe surfing in Fiji. So surf in confidence at Namotu Island Resort!