Christmas Day Unwrapped: what you missed at Cloudbreak this year

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Christmas week on Namotu is always a celebration but this year it was extra special; our first Christmas back after a very frustrating couple of years.

We woke early, before dawn and took a boat to Cloudbreak, nervously expecting something good but not sure how big. For a while there was no-one there but our small group of guests, surf guides, photographer and boatman. We had some incredible waves to ourselves before a few others arrived to share the fun.

Just like the old saying, red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning. By 1pm the weather had changed and a storm arrived, sending us inside to celebrate into the evening.

It seems like every Christmas here has waves and this one was pretty special. Way back pre-COVID, what feels like a decade ago, on Christmas Day 2019 we had really similar waves.

Photography by Rob King (@king_roberto)

James Jenkins, surf guide from North Carolina
Kyle Cooper, surf guide from Tasmania
James Jenkins