Don’t Be A Jerk: Basic Etiquette When Surfing In Fiji

Surfing is a fun and exciting sport, but you need to stay aware of the other surfers around you and practice the right etiquette. No, that doesn't mean raising your pinkie when hanging ten, but it does mean showing respect when surfing Fiji breaks. Courtesy is not just the polite thing to do; it also keeps everyone safer in the water.

Wait Your Turn – When a dozen surfers all make a beeline for the same wave, who gets to ride it? There is actually a whole set of rules about wave priority that are common to surfers all over the world. Take the time to learn them to avoid collisions and wave rage.

No Cuts-ies – Didn't everyone learn in kindergarten not to jump the queue? So why do so many do so when out surfing in Fiji? This means not paddling around to get in a better wave priority position than someone else ("snaking") or cutting in front of someone already riding a wave ("dropping in"). Wait your turn like everyone else.

Share The Ocean – Maybe you are a really strong paddler and can get out to catch every single wave. Even if you aren't breaking any wave priority rules, is that fair to everyone else? It's a big ocean so give everyone else a chance. After all you wouldn't want to constantly be beaten out by someone faster than you.

Know Your Limits – Imagine driving your beat-up '79 Chevy out onto the track during the Indy 500. There'd be a pileup of race cars in no time. Well the same thing happens in surfing. When you push yourself to surf waves that are way out of your ability, then you are making trouble for surfers around you.

Apologise – No matter how careful you are, stuff happens. You might inadvertently cut in front of another surfer or catch a wave someone else had claim to. We all make mistakes. A shouted "Sorry" or an apology shrug can go a long way to smooth over hurt feelings. Of course be more careful in the future. No matter how many "sorry"s you shout, eventually the other surfers are going to get tired of you.

Remember, everyone is surfing in Fiji for fun just like you. Remember the Golden Rule and treat others the way you'd want to be treated.