Fitness Tips To Get You Ready To Surf Fiji Breaks

Surfing is a thrilling way to spend a vacation but it's also a physically demanding sport. If you've decided to head out to surf Fiji waters, then it's best if you start a fitness program weeks or even months in advance. Any effort you put into improving your fitness will give you more control when surfing and more time in the water. Here are some of the areas to focus on.

Swimming – Nobody should surf who doesn't know how to swim. No matter how experienced you are, if you surf Fiji, or any other areas, you will end up in the water. You need to be able to recover, get back on the board, and even swim back to shore if necessary. The great news is that swimming is also a terrific aerobic exercise that strengthens all your muscle groups. A swimming regimen should be the core of your surfing fitness program.

Strength – You don't have to be lifting rocks to need good muscles. You need a powerful upper body to paddle through the water to get you to the waves, and you need a powerful lower body to support you when you are up and riding. Muscle stamina is more important than strength when surfing, because stamina will let you stay out longer.

Balance – Riding the board on an unpredictable wave will test your balance to its limits. Luckily, balance, like strength and flexibility, can be trained. You can find specialised equipment designed specifically to give surfers the balance they need. Be careful when using it since the equipment is meant to be unstable. If you are used to exercising alone, you might want a buddy to spot you when working on balance.

Flexibility – You move around a lot when you surf Fiji waters: lying on your board to paddle out, quickly getting to your feet when riding a wave, twisting to keep your balance as the ocean moves beneath you. Stretching exercises keep your muscles limber and less prone to injury when you are out on the water. Pay special attention to your shoulders because of a condition called "Surfer's Shoulder", which happens when the rotator cuff tightens during paddling.

Any exercises you do will improve your fitness and give you a better experience when surfing Fiji waters. We at Namotu Island Resort want you to have a fun and exciting vacation with no injuries to ruin your trip.