Experience Luxury Water Sports Adventures On Namotu Island!

Namotu Island offers surfing and other water sport adventures that will take your breath away. Pristine beaches, tropical temperatures and luxurious accommodations are just a few of the reasons Namotu Island is rated as one of the world’s best water sports escapes. Epic waves and coral reefs create the perfect setting for your next water sports adventure. When you’re not enjoying the water, you can lounge on a private deck, enjoy a sumptuous meal, or relax under the exquisite care of trained service professionals.

Namotu Islands Water Sports Adventures

Surrounded by water, Namotu Island is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Kiting, surfing, stand-up paddling, diving, snorkeling, and fishing are available year round. Frequent boat transfers make moving from place to place fast and easy. Start your day with a delicious breakfast, spend your morning surfing or kiting, and then enjoy a light repast before heading out for some diving among the many coral reefs. You can also try your hand at angling for Spanish Mackerel, Red Bass, Yellowfin Tuna, or the Giant Trevally, which can weigh in at 50 kilos! Unwind at the end of your busy day with a professional massage, an elegant dinner, and then enjoy cocktails with your mates — before doing it all again tomorrow!

World Class Surfing

Namotu Island consistently ranks in the Top 10 when it comes to surfing, and with good reason. If you prefer surfing skate park style, you’ll love Restaurants’ long hollow perfect left. If you’re looking for time for something more, Swimming Pool’s reef break right comes out of deep water with serious speed and power. For an ultimate surfing challenge, you simply have to head to Wilkes or Cloudbreak on your luxury water sports adventure!

The fun doesn’t end when you leave the beach on Namotu Island. Sumptuous meals, some live entertainment and a tropical paradise atmosphere make every day on Namuto Island a pleasure.

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