6 Kitesurfing In Fiji Myths: Separating Fact From Fiction

6 Common Fallacies About Kitesurfing The Fiji Islands

Let's say you're new to kiting and have stumbled across some misguided information about it online. There are a number of myths that have managed to stick around despite clear evidence that debunks them. They may have caused you to question whether you're ready to experience kitesurfing in Fiji.

Below, we'll clarify 6 of the most stubborn fallacies.

Myth #1 – You Need A Lot Of Muscle

This is understandable, since it seems as if you're hanging onto the kite with your arms and little else. But the reality is that you're attached to the kite by a harness. While you do need to hold onto the control bar for steering the kite, the foundation of this is based on technique not strength. Just ask any girl that kitesurfers and they will set your straight.

Myth #2 – Kiting Is An Expensive Sport

Years ago, the gear was relatively expensive. The kite, board, and harness rig would have cost several thousands. But things have changed as more people have been introduced to the sport. Today, you can purchase the necessary gear for $1,500 or less.

Myth #3 – There's A High Risk Of Injury

Like most sports, take some lessons to learn the basics of kitesurfing safety and to learn things the correct way. Let an expert show you the techniques, just like someone once taught you how to ride a bicycle safely.

Myth #4 – Kiting Is Difficult To Master

Even complete beginners can quickly get up to speed, the learning curve is must smaller than surfing, with the right instruction you can up up and going in no time. The Fiji islands attract a large number of kiting novices. Very few run into trouble.

Myth #5 – You Don't Need Lessons

Just because kitesurfing is easy to learn doesn't mean you should go out onto the water without a basic introduction. Although the gear is a lot simpler today than was the case a decade ago, it still requires a bit of knowledge to operate proficiently, learn correct techniques in hours  rather than weeks or months from a few short lessons.

Myth #6 – The Point Of Kiting Is To Perform Tricks

The point of kitesurfing Fiji Islands is to have a great time. For some, that means allowing the wind to simply pull them along flat water. For others, it means doing outrageous tricks that seemingly defy gravity or riding waves like a surfer would.

Regardless of whether you're a beginner or an expert, you're bound to have fun kitesurfing in Fiji. Don't let the above fallacies prevent you from visiting Namotu Island Resort for the time of your life.