Find Your Adventure With Four Types Of Fishing In Fiji

In addition to sports like surfing and snorkelling, Fiji offers some of the best fishing in the world. Fishing in Fiji can be relaxing as you settle back on the beach with a pole in the water and enjoy the sun and sea. It can also be exciting, setting your adrenaline pumping as you wrestle a huge Marlin onto the boat. Whether you want relaxation or an adventure, you'll find the kind of fishing in Fiji to suit you.

#1 Shore Fishing in Fiji

The most tranquil type of fishing would have to be shore fishing. Stay on land and cast your line into the ocean, shallow flats or freshwater streams, and then sit back and wait. Get some sun, enjoy a cold drink and let the fish come to you. Sometimes the best day fishing is when you don't catch a thing; you just take it easy and enjoy the island ambience.

#2 Spear Fishing

Another type of fishing that doesn't require a boat is spear fishing. Snorkel along the coral reefs, marvel at the beautiful sea life and catch your dinner for the evening. From the small Coral trout to larger species like Spanish mackerel and Dogtooth tuna, you'll find a host of tasty fish waiting for you.

#3 Shallow Water Fishing

Head out onto the water on the resort's 28' fishing boat 'The Duck' for some shallow water fishing. Our expert guides can show you the best places for trolling, jigging and popping — and if you are new to fishing, those are simply different ways of moving your bait through the water to attract the fish.

#4 Deep Sea Fishing

For some people, fishing doesn't mean dipping a line in the water and then falling asleep with a beer in your hand. For them, fishing in Fiji is spending hours wrestling with a 300 kg Marlin until they conquer it. For those people we offer deep sea fishing on the fishing charter, the Lunasea.

It doesn't matter if you just want to relax or if you want exciting stories to tell your friends back home. Namotu Island Fiji resort offers all types fishing as well as surfing, diving and a host of other activities.