Foiling Fiji: filling the spaces between breaks

foiling namotu island fiji max hinton

Kiss goodbye to that relaxing time between tides or when the waves aren’t really doing it. Foiling has filled that void and means you no longer have time to rest and recuperate on high tide.

Even when it’s windy you’ll be compelled to pick up a wing and go winging. We’ve got a jet-ski and there’s nothing better than towing Mini Pools and the inside of Wilkes. Know how to kite? Yep, you can kite foil around here too. You can even foil on a paddleboard. Foiling has really changed the way a surf trip works, as Magic Seaweed covered recently.

For the last 4 or 5 years the Unlimited and Kalama Signature Weeks have had a growing focus on foiling. Even former WSL pro, Matt Wilkinson is running a surf and foil week with style-master, Adam Bennetts. But don’t think it’s just high-energy water sports diehards who’ve crossed to the dark side, it’s everyday surfers tired of battling crowded breaks and people who looking for a way to get stoked in average waves.

If you’re new (or possibly resistant) to foiling, Namotu is the perfect place to give it a go. Our boatmen are well-practised in towing beginners behind the boat on our SUP foils and we even do a boat shuttle on the inside of Lefts at high tide for those who want to save their arms. You can also hire a jet ski if you really want to take it to the next level.

Best of all, there’s no need to battle it out with surfers at the main breaks, all this action happens in the spaces between. The inside of Namotu Lefts between the end of the break and the beach, the inside of Swimming Pools and Wilkes, and along the reef between here and Cloud9. So rather than thinking of foiling as the enemy of surfing, let it fill the spaces and the places between.

Check out this clip by Max Hinton featuring our own local hero Navi, plus volunteer guides Matt, Kilty, Jake, Shawn, Chris and of course Ben Wilson. Image features Dan MacDonald, shot by Max Hinton.