Namotu Partners with the Aloha Award

We’re thrilled to come onboard and sponsor the Aloha Award, an incredible initiative recognising and celebrating individuals making waves in the surfing world.

What is the Aloha Award?

The Aloha Award is not about being the best surfer, it’s about sharing the stoke for the ocean and celebrating people making a real difference in their communities. It’s all about recognising, rewarding and supporting exceptional individuals in the global surf community. People who, in addition to cultivating and sharing their joy of surfing with others, are making meaningful contributions to their communities. Typically, they’re involved in, or leading organisations whose mission is to protect the ocean or harness its healing powers in the service of others. For example past winners have been involved in surf therapy and ocean conservation. Such organisations may be large or small and there are no strict eligibility criteria for the Aloha Award. All that’s asked is those nominated demonstrate commitment to living a life consistent with the principles of the Aloha Spirit.

Who created the Aloha Award?

Long time Namotu guests, Mark & Tristan Hartman have been single-handedly funding and managing the Aloha Award since 2018. Putting up prize money which goes towards the winner’s chosen fund as well as the main prize; an all-expenses paid trip to Namotu. Now they’ve brought in some sponsors including International Surf Therapy Organization (ISTO), Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.®, and us, Namotu Island Resort to expand the Aloha Award.

The Prizes

The winner of the Aloha Award receives a one-week, all-expenses paid trip (i.e., flights and accommodation) to Namotu Island, Fiji plus a donation of $10,000 to a charity or charitable endeavour of his/her choice. The runner-up receives a charitable donation of $5,000, and each of the three remaining finalists receives a donation of $2,500, in all cases payable to a charity or charitable endeavour of their choosing. The winner, runner-up and remaining finalists all receive personalised commemorative trophies.

How to Nominate?

If you know someone who’s doing amazing things for others or the ocean, head to the nominations page on the Aloha Award website…