Four Things To Look For When Looking At Fiji Surf Resorts

There are dozens of beautiful Fiji Surf Resorts scattered across the islands, but not all of them offer everything you're looking for when booking a surf vacation. In order to pick the perfect surf resort, you'll need to focus on more than just the quality of the waves. After all, man (or woman) can't live on surf alone; at some point you'll have to rest your weary bones and fuel your body.

1. Location, Location, Location

While the quality of the waves may not be the only consideration, it's still the primary one. Are there enough waves to keep you busy? Is there a variety of skill levels to challenge you? Will you be fighting for room on an overcrowded stretch of reef? Not on Namotu Island, a pristine tropical island within just a few miles of some of the finest waves in the world, yet secluded enough to ensure you'll never have to fight for a wave.

2. Available Rental Equipment

Flying half-way around the world to enjoy Fiji surf resorts isn't crazy, but paying a premium to lug all of your surfing, scuba and paddle board equipment with you is. Namotu Island offers a complete line of rental equipment, so all you have to pack is your water gear and your certification cards. We take care of the details, so you don't have to.

3. Classes For Beginners And Experts

While some Fiji surf resorts offer a few standard classes for beginners, most don't have access to the world class surfing, kiting, and scuba instructors available at Namotu Island. We cater to the individual, offering one-on-one classes for any level of surfing experience, so whether you're dreaming of catching your first wave or hoping to hone your skills on legendary waves like Cloudbreak, there will be someone available to teach you something new.

4. Plenty Of Activities Beyond Surfing

Even if you're exploring Fiji surf resorts because waves are your life, there will be down time. During those moments you'll discover just how diverse your resort really is. On Namotu Island, we cater to your every desire, whether that’s for gourmet food, fine wines, luxury shopping, or a relaxing stretch of sandy beach where you can build your own sand castles. We want you to leave our tropical paradise with stories to tell about your adventures; simply choose what it is you want to do. Snorkelling and photographing the wild ocean life? We've got that. World class fishing? We've got that. Dolphin watching? We've…well, you get the idea. Just take a look at our photo gallery, and we're sure you'll find something that appeals to you.

There may be other Fiji surf resorts, but none that offer the plentiful sensory experiences of Namotu Island – a surfer's paradise and so much more!