Namotu Island: Offering World Class Fiji Surf Locations

There's nothing like riding the perfect wave while you're surrounded by crystal clear water and warmed by a tropical sun, and Namotu Island offers the best waves, water, and weather in the world. Fortunately, the Fiji government has determined what all true surfers have always known – no one owns the ocean! There's never been a better time to take advantage of the Fiji surf that produces some of the most difficult and exhilarating waves on the globe.

Namotu Island Offers Access To A Buffet of Fiji Surf Options

Namotu Island Resort is a Fiji surf lover's dream location, offering full access to some of the most famous waves in the world:

Cloudbreak. One of the most challenging left reef passes in the world, Cloudbreak is waiting to test your mettle with a wave that gets faster and shallower while you ride.

Restaurants. Directly opposite the restaurant on Tavarua Island Resort, Restaurants is a long, beautiful left that transforms into a surfer's dream.

Namotu Lefts. This is a gorgeous reef break that's a roller coaster ride at six feet and up, and  that's also got a well-deserved reputation for giving SUPers, longboarders, and shortboard aficionados a lengthy glide that's one of the finest the Fiji surf has to offer.

Wilkes Passage. This is just a mile away from Namotu Island, but it's a world away for Fiji surfers looking for the perfect right barrel to challenge them on waves approaching ten feet along a long barrier reef.

World Class Waves And A World Of Luxury

You may spend your days riding the waves, but eventually night falls and your limbs or your stamina give way. On Namotu Island, your evenings can be just as exciting as your sunbaked days. Our own gourmet chef and luxury accommodations guarantee your mind will never wander beyond the next relaxing activity. Do a bit of shopping on a nearby island, try some of the freshest and most delectable seafood in the world, or simply let the tropical breezes caress your skin as you sway in an oversized hammock. It's always your choice on Namotu Island. It's time for you to discover what devoted Fiji surf riders have known for years – the perfect surf vacation begins and ends on Namotu Island. Visit us online today to book your Fiji surf adventure.