How Namotu and our staff are handling COVID-19

What’s new on Namotu?

Not much! Mike, Katie and their daughter, surf guide Brisa Hennessy are holding up the fort with a small number of key staff. There’s general maintenance and some minor building but with no guests there’s not a whole lot happening. Ports are closed and travel restricted but there are much worse places to be stuck so nobody’s complaining. The Hennessy’s have been taking the few remaining staff surfing and fishing in their spare time so on the Island at least it’s a happy family.

However the last few months have undoubtedly been a challenge, as they have been across the world. It’s a strange time and one without a clear end date which has placed our staff (like so many people around the world) in an uncomfortable position. All except a few key staff are back home in their villages waiting out the COVID-19 crisis that’s keeping visitors away.

How badly has COVID-19 hit Fiji?

Fortunately Fiji has almost no cases – 18 confirmed, 14 of whom have recovered.

Fijians have been subject to similar restrictions seen around the world including a curfew and limits on social gathering (read no kava!) and some businesses. However while the impact of the virus would be devastating to Fiji’s population, the fallout from the loss in visitors is just as scary.

Tourism is Fiji’s biggest industry, accounting for nearly 40% of GDP and employing around 45,000 people (that’s 13% of total employment). Right now many of these people are out of work and struggling.

How can you help?

We’ve had so many guests and volunteers reach wanting to help our beautiful local crew so if you’d like to add some cash to our staff donation jar you can do so via bank transfer, details below. These funds will be equally distributed to our staff members, the same as our usual tip jar. 

  • Account Name: Namotu Island Resort PTE Limited
  • Account Number: 5091028
  • Bank Code/BSB: 010890
  • Namotu Address: PO Box 531, Nadi, Fiji 
  • Namotu Phone Number: (+679) 7766439
  • Bank Name: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
  • Bank Address: 25 Victoria Parade, City Central, SUVA, Fiji

Please contact media@namotuisland.com if you have any troubles or questions. Unfortunately Fijian banks don’t accept Paypal, Venmo, Stripe or most other payment gateways so bank transfer is our only option.