How to Improve Your Kitesurf Game at a Kitesurfing Resort

How to Improve Your Kitesurf Game at a Kitesurfing Resort

Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world – and for good reason. Few things can beat the sheer elation, power and speed of carving up waves and taking to the air.

A core philosophy of kitesurfing is to constantly push your boundaries and step outside your comfort zone. From beginner kiters to advanced, there will always be bigger swell, stronger winds and more innovative tricks to challenge you and take you one step further.

If you feel you’ve hit a kitesurfing plateau, or are simply looking for new and exciting ways to improve, we’ve got the perfect solution: pack your bags, grab your kite and head to a legendary kitesurfing resort, like Namotu Island Resort, to spend a week or three honing your skills and reaching new highs.

Here’s everything you need to know to up your kitesurf game while soaking up the sun at a legendary island resort.

Choose the Right Time of Year

First things first, you need to make sure you pick the right time of year for your chosen kitesurfing resort. Going off-season might help you beat the crowds, but it won’t be worth it if there’s no wind and the water’s completely flat.

Kitesurfing resorts in Fiji enjoy the region’s tropical climate, with year-round temperatures of around 30°C, so even when it rains you’ll never be too cold to kite. Surfers at Namotu Island can enjoy swell and trade winds all year round, but will find the most consistent wind blows in May – September.

Pro kitesurfer and wave riding coach Ben Wilson hosts his Namotu Island Kite Weeks around this time of year, with his 2017 dates being from August 19 to 26, and then August 26 to September 2.

Understand the Weather Forecast and Surf Conditions

To get the most from kitesurfing resorts, you need to understand and respect the weather and surf conditions. Always listen to the locals, regulars, and safety personnel, as they’ll know the water and location like no other.

On an average day, mornings are calm with glassy waters, with winds picking up in the afternoons.

Pick the Best Spots for your Skill Level

The best kitesurfing resorts have a range of surfing spots to satisfy all levels of experience – and Namotu is no different.

The island has a large area of flat water with sandy beaches, which is perfect if you’re a beginner or just want to take it easy. Want more of a challenge? Then either hop in a boat or kite out to the surf break, to ride the waves.

Kick your Kitesurfing up a Notch

So you’ve chosen your kitesurfing resort, gone at the perfect time of year, and the conditions are perfect. What are you waiting for? Get out there, push your limits and kite!

For intermediate and advanced kite surfers who already have the basics down, it can be useful to pick a specific advanced technique to focus on and jump straight into it. For example,  if you’re wanting to improve your unhooked wave riding, you’ll make quick progress if you practice unhooking on the beach first, before doing it in the waves.

If you’re dying to up your game and kitesurf Fiji islands like a pro – we’ve got you covered. Plan your unforgettable kitesurfing experience at Namotu and check out the Ben Wilson Kite Weeks. 

Check out more pics on Namotu’s Instagram.