Intermediate And Advanced Surf Breaks

Find your break – at Namotu Island

There are many surf spots in Fiji that make the archipelago one of the most sought-after surf destinations in the world. Combined with the warm water,welcoming locals and the consistent swell, there’s plenty reason to jump on a plane to Fiji. Getting the most out of your South Pacific adventure begins with careful planning – read on to find out more.

Winter or summer surfing? That is the question

Before you book your trip to Namotu Island, ask yourself what kind of surf experience you’re after. Are you a pro who wants a challenge as much as a holiday, or are you after an easier ride? This will determine whether you visit Fiji in winter or summer. Between April and October, large winter swells visit the islands, making it ideal for advanced surfers wanting to up their wave game. Summer, on the other hand, offers hotter, more humid weather and gentler winds, making for smaller waves and glassier swells. A better time to visit if you’re an intermediate.

Test your limits at Cloudbreak

Three miles south of Namotu Island lies Cloudbreak – one of the ten most challenging and notorious surf spots in the world (but we didn’t need to tell you that). Expect fast barrelling lefts over its shallow reef, and waves ranging from two to 20 feet. Look out for those small ones, though: they get faster and shallower towards the reef. Cloudbreak has consistent breaks, but because it’s so complex – waves hit the reefs at different angles and there’s a lot of water hitting it – you’ve got one hell of a challenge ahead of you.

Take it down a notch over at the Swimming Pools

Fancy a break from the intensity of Cloudbreak? Then head on over to Swimming Pools for some R ‘n R (riding and relaxation). Here, surfers (long and short boarders), SUPers, and kitesurfers alike congregate to enjoy the swell. Swimming Pools is a right break reef with swell heights coming in at five to 13 feet. Expect consistent surf and perfect breaks. And with it being the closest spot from Namotu Island Resort to catch waves, it’s perfect for when you don’t feel like too much of a mission.

Non-surfing activities for when you need to chill

If you (or your board) needs a break from the break, Namotu Island has plenty on offer to keep you entertained. Taking a boat ride out to Cloudbreak to watch the pros catching those terrifying lefts is a great way to get amped before riding it yourself, otherwise get whisked off to watch and swim with spinner dolphins. Namotu Island Resort also offers all kinds of other water-based activities: kayaking, SUP, outrigger canoeing, foil boarding, wake boarding, fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling to name a few. And if you’re tired of the water, how about a sky dive? Otherwise simply relax by the pool with drink in hand, or get involved in the weekly Fijian meke and kava ceremony.

Make your Fijian surf mission even more epic by booking the right accommodation: as close to those killer surf spots as possible. Click here to check availability for the dates you want to visit Namotu Island.