Mark Visser Breath Hold Training

mark visser learn how to improve breath hold ocean warrior

Created by elite athletes, The Ocean warrior personalised experience teaches anyone how to maximise breath hold.

The Ocean warrior Personalised experience teaches beginner to advanced individuals how to maximise your breath hold and tap into the secrets of the most elite underwater athletes and watermen in the world.

Book the personal Mark Visser Ocean Warrior experience during your stay on Namotu Island and feel more comfortable, confident and capable in the water.

The Ocean Warrior course was created by Mark Visser (big wave surfer), Shane Dorian (big wave surfer), Brian Keaulana (Hawaiian waterman/lifeguard), William Trubridge (freediver) & Ant Williams (freediver) and covers everything from water rescues to breathing techniques and the psychology of breath holding. No matter your level of ability or experience in the ocean, these skills will help you get the most out of your time surfing, swimming, snorkelling, diving or paddleboarding.

The Ocean Warrior online course is valued at over $400USD alone but you can have Mark Visser teach you the most important, applicable elements in person on Namotu for just $1000USD per person plus get full lifetime access to the course.

*We require a minimum of 4 attendees to sign up. Course runs for one day and can be scheduled around conditions so you don’t miss the waves. Bookings via WaterWays Travel.

The Ocean Warrior Course includes 4 stages + the Elite Mindset Course and covers:

Safety Course

  • Single person rescue response techniques
  • Two person rescue response techniques
  • How to know if someone is conscious or unconscious
  • How to turn a danger zone into a safety zone
  • The principles of CPR, compression rates and procedures
  • How to treat lacerations and use a tourniquet
  • The expert’s secret to safe underwater training
  • The way your body responds to underwater training
  • Signs and signals to look out for when underwater
  • Techniques you can use to recover faster after resurfacing

Land Course

  • Breathing techniques to reduce your brain wave activity and calm your mind
  • How to access all 5 lobes in your lungs
  • How to get the most oxygen from a single breath
  • How to recognise the sensations you experience during breath holds
  • Training exercises to expand your lungs and teach you how to function from one breath
  • The oxygen usage rate of key muscle groups and how to use this to your advantage
  • 3 week comprehensive land based training program with pdf download

Beginner & Advanced Water Course

  • How to prepare for fearful surf scenarios by following a proven step-by-step process to keep you calm and in control
  • Key survival requirements that allow you to stay underwater longer
  • The most efficient technique to swim to the surface after being held down by a wave
  • How to conserve oxygen and move efficiently underwater
  • How to avoid holding tension in key muscle groups so you can stay underwater longer
  • The art or using ‘one’ breath and how to deal with multiple wave hold downs
  • 3 week comprehensive water based training program and pdf download

Beginner & Advanced Realistic Training Course

  • How to apply everything you have learnt in the previous stages to realistic water training
  • How to deal with hold-downs even if you don’t have air in your lungs
  • Key techniques on how to prepare yourself for the toughest ocean situations
  • How to move, hold and breathe in high heart rate situations
  • 3 week comprehensive realistic based training program and pdf download

BONUS The Elite Mindset course valued at $149 covers:

  • Breathing techniques to active your certain sections of the brain.
  • The physiology of your body and how it affects our reaction to stressful situations.
  • Body scanning techniques and how to get out of the mind.
  • The mind/body connection and how this alters our performance.  
  • Realistic scenarios and how to apply the right techniques for the right situation.