Modo MD Medical Clinic

In December 2023 Reza and Kelly from Modo MD came down with the Yachtman family to conduct a medical clinic on Namotu and our local village of Solevu. We’ve been wanting to share our appreciation for the clinic for months but it’s been hard to find the words.

We knew there’d be unmanaged diabetes, ulcers, high blood pressure, poor dental health and more. But there were many patients with acute and chronic conditions and some very serious situations that have required even further treatment and investment.

One of the locals required further medical treatment for diabetes-related complications.

The most dangerous conditions basically all stem from poor diet and not enough exercise. So this year we are also implementing an ongoing wellbeing program with our staff that we hope will educate our locals on diabetes and heart disease prevention, incorporating exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and of course passing this onto the next generation. This will run with weekly classes, exercise sessions, prizes and more. In time perhaps we can reduce our reliance on these wonderful doctors, dentists and nurses who visit and provide treatment but sadly no cure for many of these chronic illnesses. For now we are very grateful to ModoMD, the Fiji DMF who are visiting in March, and Leena Zhou’s Nabila clinic in April. We’ll keep you updated as these legends come through and do their best to provide healthcare to Solevu, Namotu and Nabila. If you’d like to help, you can donate to the Fiji DMF or get in touch with Leena.

Serious conditions were discovered among locals
modo md solevu
Dr Reza Danesh following patient transfer to mainland for further treatment