Longboarding Surf Breaks around Namotu, Fiji

eryn krouse namotu longboarding

The longer I spend observing different seasons in Fiji the less stock I put in stereotypes and even less confidence I have in predicting what a particular month might look like. But looking at this gorgeous February clip from Eryn Krouse and Lia Turiano reminds me of those idyllic summer months in Fiji when the weather is hot, the winds are light and tropical rain falls heavy in the afternoons. Although this time of year (that’s November-March) is considered the “off season” because wind comes more often from the north and there are less of those big south swells, that means you’ll tend to find quieter lineups and cheaper airfares.

Funnily enough, the week just after this one had a massive winter-style mega swell you would have missed only if you lived under a rock (see footage on Surfline and below). And the week before had some pumping conditions too. So yes, Eryn’s clip shows some very friendly waves ideal for longboarding the point is, you never know what you’re going to score on any given month, but it’s likely better than you’re getting back home. And whether it’s 2 foot or 20 foot, there are good times to be had.

Swimming Pools (right-hander) and Namotu Lefts (left-hander) are perfect longboarding waves right off Namotu. Year-round you’ll find dreamy days when small swells provide fun conditions for getting your toes on the nose. Both are fairly mellow waves with easy takeoffs that peel along the reef and work in different wind directions and tides to keep the options open.

If you haven’t been to Namotu before, this video shows you around the Island and our local breaks perfectly. You can also check out Eryn’s Island Tour video to see not only our renovations but the general layout of the rooms and facilities here.

For balance, just over a week later this swell hit…

Filmed by our own Chris Peel.