Surfing Fiji 101: 3 Things To Keep In Mind When Hitting The Waves

It's easy to take safety for granted while surfing. The more skilled you become, the greater the challenges you assume you can handle.

But safety should be a top priority regardless of your skill and experience on the water. A single mistake or bad decision can have catastrophic results – for you and other surfers.

The best way to enjoy surfing in Fiji is to keep a few basic rules in mind. Doing so will help ensure your safety and prevent you from endangering those around you. Fiji surf holidays should be fun and rewarding. But of course that requires you make it safely back to shore.

#1 – Alcohol And Fiji Surfing Do Not Mix

There's nothing wrong with enjoying a pint or two. In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to avoid alcohol when the sun goes down and your fellow surfers begin to regale each other with the day's adventures. But leave the drinking for the evening, after you've returned to shore for the final time that day.

Regardless of your experience surfing in Fiji, alcohol will impair your decision-making and response time. That can spell big trouble on challenging breaks like Restaurants and Cloudbreak. A wipeout at either of those surf spots can leave you with injuries that will ruin your holiday.

#2 – Surfing Alone Is Asking For Trouble

Surfing in Fiji is dangerous. Even the pros wipe out on occasion.

In most cases, you'll be able to recover, clear your head and tackle the next set. But there's always a risk you'll suffer injury, especially if you're surfing a shallow reef break like Cloudbreak. And if you're knocked unconscious…

That's the reason you should never surf alone. Always have a friend or two who can offer help in the event you find yourself in trouble. Think of it like insurance. You may never need their help. But it's invaluable for the one time you do.

#3 – Some Fiji Surf Spots Are Dangerous For Beginners

It's tempting to think you can handle a challenging break after watching other surfers. But if you're a novice, that may be hubris talking. Some Fiji surf locations are best left to the experienced.

Consider Cloudbreak, one of the toughest surf spots in the world. Winds and swells can create massive waves that threaten to pummel unwary surfers.

Or consider Restaurants, another expert-level break. It can seem deceptively tame, drawing in overly-confident beginners. But high faces and fast barrels can produce surf conditions that put them in jeopardy.

There are Fiji surf spots that cater to individuals just learning to surf. One example is Swimming Pools, found just off the south shore of Namotu Island. It offers clean, manageable waves and invigorating barrels that won't hurtle you into shallow reef.

Make safety your top priority while tackling the waves near Namotu. There are several surf locations within minutes of the island, so you'll never lack for waves that complement your skill level. If you're uncertain which breaks to visit, ask the experienced and friendly staff at Namotu Island Resort