Surf Fiji To Improve Fitness In 5 Ways | Namotu Island Fiji

Surf Fiji: Improve Your Fitness In 5 Ways At Namotu Island Resort


Everyone has a certain imagine in mind when it comes to a typical surfer body. While some details may vary, most people think of surfers as sun-kissed. They have that awesome messy beach hair. Best of all, surfers are toned, buff, and super fit. Even though surfing culture may seem casual and low-key, there’s nothing low-key about the physical benefits that surfing Fiji provides your body. Surfing is an incredible work-out.


Upper-Body Strength


You’d be hard-pressed to find a seasoned surfer who doesn’t have a ton of upper body strength. Every day of your Fiji surf holiday is going to build muscle in your arms, shoulders, and chest. It’s not easy to grip a moving surfboard and pull your entire body weight up onto it. You’ll put on muscle, quickly, after dedicating yourself to the physicality of surfing. Your arms and shoulders are going to be the best kind of sore after the first few days!


Core Strength


Not only will your upper body be strengthened, but your core will get stronger, too. Your core is comprised of your abdominal muscles, back muscles, and pelvic muscles. Core muscle strength is key to having stability and balance. The practice of balancing on a board at Fiji surf resorts helps immensely with core strength. You might even head home from your holiday with a nice little souvenir six-pack.




While core strength is vital to balance, there are other physical elements to stability that surfing contributes to, as well. To train your body against moving water, gravity, and changing motions is to contribute to a beautiful sense of balance in everyday life. Whether you channel your good balance into perfect posture or awesome yoga form, it’s going to be good for your body.




You probably already know the importance of being physically flexible. As we age, the tendency is to grow stiff and rigid. Surfing, however, improves flexibility enough to ensure fluid, relaxed muscles and ligaments. Not only does this prevent injury in surfing, but also in everyday activities. Loose, flexible tendons are much less likely to tear or become sprained.




Finally, surfing helps build endurance like few other sports can. When you hit a good rhythm with the waves, you aren’t going to want to stop just because you’re a bit out of breath. You’re going to keep going and going, water breaking over you, building up your strength with every wave. You can’t be an excellent surfer without being in excellent shape!


If you already have the fitness level of an experienced expert, great! Come give yourself a workout. If not, well, there’s no better place to begin working towards the fitness level you want than the world-famous Fiji surf!