Surfing In Fiji: The Five Big Reasons Why Experienced Surfers Love Fiji

Surfing In Fiji: The Five Big Reasons Why Experienced Surfers Love Fiji


There are surf spots and beaches all over the world that attract surfers of every level, from the newest, most inexperienced barney to the truly awesome, knowledgeable surfer. If you fall into the latter category, surfing in Fiji is exactly the experience you’re looking for. The most experienced surfers find themselves drawn to the classic Fiji surf spots.


Challenging Reef Breaks


Most of the breaks in Fiji are reef breaks. Fiji is surrounded by coral reefs, and the waves break beautifully over them. The classic pipeline waves break over these reefs day in and day out. They’re awesome to look at, and awesome to surf—if you know what you’re doing. The waves are strong, shallow and fast.


You can’t talk reef breaks without talking Cloudbreak. If you’re surfing in Fiji, you know that Cloudbreak is one of the most difficult and most rewarding waves in the world.


Sharp Reefs


The reefs that make the awesome breaks in Fiji also make the surfing exhilarating. There’s not much room for error when you’re surfing over the top of razor-sharp coral. Chances of eating it in a surfing spot like Cloudbreak are pretty high, so the most experienced surfers have to stay on their game constantly to keep from getting injured. As long as you take good care of any wounds, you should be fine, and you might even end up with a gnarly scar out of the deal.


Shallow Water


The water over many of the reefs is notoriously shallow. At lower tides, the reefs are often exposed. This means that if you do wipe out, it’ll be difficult to manage without at least a bit of bodily harm. The shallow water of the Fiji surf makes it totally exhilarating and important to surf your best.


The Challenging Winter Surf Season


From April to October, the weather in Fiji is cooler and dryer than the rest of the year. Due to low pressure systems in the Southern Hemisphere this time of year, the swells can be consistently, impressively large. (The waves are generally between 8 to 10 feet high!)


Fast, Strong Waves


If you want a challenge, surfing in Fiji is going to give it to you. Fiji is the place to prove yourself as a surfer. The waves are fast, strong, and serious. There’s no safety net here. Is it going to be an intense experience? Hell yeah. And that’s a good thing. The waves in Fiji are memorable and life-changing, and we aren’t saying that lightly.