Wildlife, Snorkelling And Diving In Fiji

Awesome Wildlife You Would Never Expect In The Fiji Surf


Though Fiji surf resorts are known primarily for the appeal they have for surfers, plenty of people visit each year to enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving. Just beyond its white, sandy beaches, the island of Namotu is surrounded by living coral reefs. The reefs are beautiful to look at in and of themselves, but perhaps even more appealing are the thousands of species of sea-creatures that call the Fiji surf home.


Aquatic Mammals


Perhaps the most beloved of all Pacific wildlife is the dolphin. There are many species of dolphins, but the one that is most frequently seen by visitors to Fiji is the Spinner Dolphin. A spinner dolphin is a small, grey dolphin with a fairly long snout. They are called spinner dolphins because of their impressive aerial acrobatic skills. They’re known to leap out of the water and spin around, much to the amusement of any onlookers.


Sightings of larger sea mammals, such as humpback whales, are not unheard of, but are not as likely to occur as an encounter with the affable spinner dolphin.


Sea Turtles


There are five species of sea turtle that are common in Fiji. The Green turtle, the Hawksbill, the Loggerhead, the Leatherback, and the Olive Ridley often live in or pass through the waters of Fiji. These sea turtles don’t just swim in the Fiji surf, though; many of them also breed and nest on the beaches. Namotu Island, specifically, is a nesting ground for the protected Hawksbill Turtle.


If you come upon a sea turtle while snorkelling, observe quietly, without disturbing the turtle. Turtles can hold their breath for hours at a time, but they are air-breathing reptiles. A turtle that feels threatened may refuse to surface for a much-needed breath of air. Be sure to give these beautiful creatures the space they need in the vast Fiji surf.


Smaller Sea Creatures


Beyond the colourful fish and moray eels that inhabit Fiji’s coral reefs, there are many interesting creatures that most people have only ever glimpsed at aquariums. There are many varieties of octopus to be discovered if you’re able to see past their clever camouflage.  Sea snakes make their homes in the coral, too, but they’re not too scary when you keep your distance. Though it’s hard to believe, there are even seahorses in the reefs. Unfortunately, they are difficult to find due to their declining numbers. If you spot a seahorse, consider yourself to be very lucky indeed!


While you might be able to catch a glimpse of a Spinner Dolphin or some interesting birds onshore, the best bet for getting close to sea life is to check out the snorkelling and scuba diving offered at Namotu Resort.