The Best Time Of Year To Surf In Fiji

If you ask surfing enthusiasts, the best time to surf in Fiji is whenever you can make the trip. The waters near Namotu Island offer great conditions throughout the year. You’re guaranteed to have an outstanding time regardless of whether you visit in the summer or winter.

Having said that, the surf varies depending on the time of year. While Fiji is considered a “tropical paradise,” it hosts distinct climates and seasons. Those seasons dictate the strength of the swells and trade winds, both of which influence the size, consistency, and power of the waves.

Here’s a brief guide that will help you choose the best time to surf in Fiji.

When Southern Swells Generate Big Waves

Winter is when the waters around Namotu and other Fiji islands turn ferocious. Low-pressure systems far offshore to the south trigger strong storms. Those storms generate huge swells that rush toward Fiji, interacting with trade winds from the south and southeast. Together, they produce waves that can reach heights exceeding 20 feet.

This is Fiji’s dry season. It lasts from April to October. Pro surfers descend on the area during this time of year to take advantage of the phenomenal breaks. These swells also come with Trade Winds from the south east, usually in the afternoons. This direction is fine for Cloudbreak which holds up really well in SE winds even at 15-20+knots.

When To Find Clean, Glassy Barrels

Glassy conditions occur when there’s very little wind to agitate the water’s surface. The surface appears smooth, like glass. When you’re riding through a tube, you’re unlikely to encounter obstacles.

The cleanest surf in Fiji can usually be found between March and May, and during the month of October. Winds from the north are often light and mellow during those periods, resulting in glass on many days.

Glass is preferable to chop regardless of whether you’re on a standup paddleboard in tame waters or taking a gun out to tackle Cloudbreak. Combined with consistent swells, the clean surf all but guarantees you’ll have the time of your life.

Here’s the takeaway: the surf in Fiji is great year-round. Whether you visit in January or June, you’re bound to have a memorable experience. Visit Namotu Island Resort when you’re ready to book your next trip to one of the world’s most popular surfing destinations.