Unlimited Weeks June 2023: An Update

jacob wilcox cloudbreak namotu

We’re nearly half way through our 9 weeks of Unlimited Weeks with Ben Wilson. Each year these trips get a little bigger and a little better with more sports, more equipment and more action. Namotu has several new jet skis which have really added to the foiling and beginner surf experience and the brand new Cobalt has been incredible for fishing and island hopping trips as well as a comfortable spectator boat for those bigger days at Cloudbreak.

We’ve just added three weekly wrap videos to our YouTube channel so you can see what you missed. If you’d like to join one of these special weeks, you’ll find more info via our Signature Series page.

Unlimited Week 1. Stu Gibson video.
We had a good mixed of everything this week, surf, kite, wing, foil, but the highlight was the 3 straight days of long period ground swell for surfing and foiling. Sunday afternoon when everyone arrived we had a great wind afternoon and then not really any wind until late Thursday afternoon. The foiling & surfing from Tuesday-Thursday was pretty amazing with sheet glass most of the days. The fish were biting with some epic eating quality deep drop fish, a few yellowfin/wahoo & mahi mahi and all the other activities from beginner foiling, breath hold sessions, snorkelling, free diving, spear fishing, coaching clinics, yoga, ice baths & island hops were all incredible.

Unlimited Week 2. Stu Gibson video.
As always we had the most amazing group of people join us including Owen Wright and Jacob Wilcox with the winners of the Rip Curl Virtual Search. Swell-wise it was pretty small with only fun to average size waves right until the end of the week where a nice short period swell filled in. The trade winds were pretty light all week with only one really good afternoon in the waves and the rest of the time only light wind foiling and winging! And of course lots of fish and heaps of prone/tow foiling + all the usual activities with the breath hold and ice bath sessions being a huge highlight again!

Unlimited Week 3: Family Week. Beau Pilgrim video

Family weeks are seriously the best! Watching the next generation send it on all the water sports we love is pretty amazing. Conditions wise there was fun waves most of the week, but with a couple of funky onshore wind days not really strong enough to kite, but enough to wreck the waves! We did however have a couple of great trade wind afternoons with the best session of all the weeks thus far at Namotu lefts in the waves! The groms were going hard with all kinds of activities in and around the water with the highlight being Mick Fanning taking a moment out from getting drained at cloudy to push some of the groms into some waves.