3 Reasons The Fiji Surf Is Revered By Experienced Surfers

Surf enthusiasts come from around the world to enjoy the superb Fiji surf. First-class breaks at hotspots like Cloudbreak, Restaurants and Wilkes Pass have gained a reputation for testing the mettle of even the pros. The experience of conquering the waves is intensified by a gorgeous climate and stunning scenery.

If you're eager to take a surfing vacation, few places in the world will rival the experience you'll enjoy in Fiji. Here's what you'll find when you're ready to hit the water.

#1 – Long, Clean Barrels

The hollow tubes that some waves create when they break are called barrels. For a lot of folks, riding a barrel is the pinnacle of surfing. The moments spent in the middle of the tube are at once exciting, peaceful and disquieting. You want the experience to last as long as possible. At the same time, you're keenly aware that a minor misstep can lead to a terrible wipeout.

The top Fiji surf spots offer barrels that last. Cloudbreak has been known to generate tubes that carry riders 200 yards or further. Restaurants and Wilkes Pass produce long barrels that last up to 15 seconds before breaking on the reef. It's pure bliss for the skilled surfer.

#2 – Huge Swells And Powerful Breaks

There's nothing timid about the Fiji surf. Cloudbreak, with its gorgeous barrels and clean waves, is one of the most challenging breaks in the world. Likewise, Wilkes Pass, with powerful left and right breaks, is best left to those who possess nerves of steel and the skills to back them up. Even Restaurants, with waves that are only half as tall as those found at Cloudbreak, poses a challenge to the unwary.

The Fiji surf is filled with powerful breaks that gain momentum from large swells. The swells travel for miles – sometimes, hundreds of miles – accumulating energy along the way. In the absence of major obstacles, they produce large and intense waves.

#3 – Consistent, Well-Shaped Waves

One of the biggest frustrations among avid surfers is the lack of consistency in the waves. The same spot can generate beautiful tubes in the late morning and lacklustre crumblies and closeouts in the early afternoon. 

That's not a problem in Fiji. Whether you're surfing at Restaurants, Namotu Lefts, Cloudbreak or Wilkes Pass, you'll have access to clean, consistent breaks that are immanently surfable. 

There are plenty of water activities to enjoy when you visit Fiji. Surf, kayak, fish or scuba dive among the living coral reefs off the shore of Namotu Island. Surfing, of course, is the main event. Contact Namotu Island Resort to reserve your private beach bure or villa, and enjoy some of the most rewarding surf breaks you'll find in the Pacific Ocean.