3 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Game Fishing In Fiji

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Like all water-based activities at Namotu Island, game fishing in Fiji requires the respect of its participants. The things you do and refrain from doing will set the tone of the trip and impact whether you enjoy the experience. Trolling for game fish isn’t an activity that rewards a cavalier attitude.

Fishing charters in Fiji have rules in place designed to optimise the experience for their guests. It’s important to acknowledge those rules – for yourself and others. To that end, here are 3 things to avoid doing when your boat sets off in pursuit of marlin, giant trevally and yellowfin tuna.

#1 – Change Rod And Reel Settings

The tackle and other fishing equipment available on the boat will have been set up prior to your boarding. For example, each reel’s tension setting will have been calibrated to allow sufficient spool slippage while reducing the likelihood of a snapped line. Many of the fish that populate the waters surrounding Namotu are large and will put up a valiant fight. Drag tension gives you leverage.

Resist the temptation to adjust settings, even if you’re an experienced angler. Instead, talk to the captain or the boat’s mates. Explain your reasons for wanting to make changes and ask for permission before making them.

#2 – Bring Electronic Devices

The rules regarding electronic devices vary by charter. Some captains are extremely strict, forbidding guests from bringing any type of device. Others are more lenient.

As a general rule, portable GPS units are prohibited on charters. Experienced captains are loath to reveal their favourite fishing spots to guests who can easily reveal the locations to others. Many captains will also prohibit cell phones and tablets since both types of devices have GPS capability.

Cameras are usually allowed. Even the sternest captain understands that his guests will want to take photos. Don’t assume that means you can bring your smartphone with its built-in camera. If you want to take photos, invest in a digital camera.

#3 – Litter

It goes without saying that you should refrain from littering while you’re on the water. Unfortunately, charter guests, captivated by the experience of game fishing in Fiji, occasionally lose track of their debris. Wrappers and empty water bottles wander around the boat’s deck, and can even migrate into the ocean via a strong wind.

Put wrappers, bottles and other garbage into a bag that you can tie off and watch carefully. Doing so will prevent accidental littering. 

An important part of game fishing in Fiji is respecting the rules set by the boat’s captain. Many people neglect to familiarise themselves with such rules and consequently draw their captain’s ire. That can set an unpleasant tone for the outing. Following the 3 guidelines above will put you in the captain’s good graces.

While many people who stay at the Namotu Island Resort come for the world-class surfing, others come for the opportunity to chase monster marlin, mahi mahi and giant trevally. Book your reservations today to enjoy a uniquely-rewarding game fishing experience.