3 Tips For Fishing In Fiji: How To Catch More Fish

Peruse any sport fishing magazine or website and you're bound to see photos of grinning anglers of all ages holding their prized catches. It's enough to make you think that catching wahoo, mahi mahi and giant yellowfin tuna is easy. 

But fishing in Fiji isn't as simple as it looks. Hooking your prey and hauling it aboard your boat takes skill, strength and patience.

Fortunately, Namotu Island Resort has a number of expert guides on hand who can prepare you for the experience. They can offer insider tips that will go a long way when you're out on the water. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

#1 – Learn To Use The Rod And Reel Properly

Successful game fishing in Fiji involves more than just trolling the best spots and using the right lures. Much of your success will stem from your use of your tackle. Your proficiency with the rod and reel, in particular, will dictate whether you catch your prey or return to your air-conditioned Namotu beach bure empty-handed.

You don't need to be fishing expert to hook and haul your target. Our guides will show you the fundamentals of using your rod and reel. You'll learn how to pull the rod from its holder, grasp it properly and keep it at an angle that gives you maximum leverage against your quarry.

#2 – Choose The Right Type Of Bait

The type of bait used plays a big role in attracting the marlin, wahoo and other species of fish that populate the waters around Fiji. Use the right type and you'll have no trouble finding candidates for your hook. Use the wrong type and you'll get nary a tug on your line.

An important thing to remember is that the fish swimming around Fiji have a high metabolism. They require a lot of food. If you provide it, they'll line up to take your hook. Chopped pieces of mackerel, flounder, cod and fluke work well. So too do sardines, shrimp and menhaden. If available, put small pieces of squid on your line and watch the mahi mahi, tuna and marlin fight for it.

#3 – Be Patient

Game fishing in Fiji is not for the restless. You may sit on the water for a couple hours without a tug, even while trolling the best fishing spots near Namotu. If you're targeting a specific type of fish – for example, marlin – you might be sitting even longer without action.

Game fishing is about exploiting opportunities. It's about waiting patiently for a chance to lure your intended prey toward your hook. When you get a bite, it's your job to take that opportunity to deliver your victim to the deck of your boat.

The experience of fishing in Fiji is bound to etch itself into your memory. Whether you snag that coveted marlin or not is unlikely to matter in the long run. Instead, you'll remember enjoying time on the water with other like-minded game fishing enthusiasts. That's part of what makes for a gratifying Fiji vacation at the Namotu Island Resort.