Fishing Charters In Fiji: 3 “Secrets” To Enjoying The Best Experience

Not all fishing charters in Fiji are created equal. Some are much better than others, a fact that will have a heavy influence on the time you spend trolling the water. Two anglers on different charters in the same area can have such different experiences that it would be difficult to believe they were in same vicinity.

So, enjoying a satisfying game fishing experience involves more than just hiring a charter. It entails finding one that will do a good job. Use the following 3 suggestions to find a charter that will expose you to a variety of gamefish and give you plenty of opportunities to haul them aboard.

Secret #1 – Meet The Charter Boat Captain

The captain's job is to oversee the expedition. He (or she) should be familiar with the best fishing spots near Namotu, and be able to offer tips on drawing your prey. The captain should also be familiar with the different types of fish available by season and how to leverage the best opportunities to catch them. In addition, he or she should protect the safety of the boat's occupants.

Captains of fishing charters in Fiji have varying levels of expertise. The more experience and passion, the better. You want someone who has been taking people out onto the water for years, and is excited to continue doing so. That individual should also be able to establish a good rapport with his guests.

The best way to get a feeling for a captain's expertise and style is to meet him or her in person. A good captain will happily greet you and answer all of your questions.

Secret #2 – Ask Plenty Of Questions

Don't be afraid to bombard the captain with relevant questions about his charter. That's the only way you'll learn what to expect on the water before hiring him.

Ask about the type of equipment available on the boat and whether you can bring your own gear. If you have your own rod and reel, it's worth asking if you can use them during the excursion.

Find out how many people the captain takes out at one time. The more people present, the less attention you'll receive from the captain and the ship's mates.

Inquire about the duration of each outing. Some fishing charters in Fiji go out for only 3 or 4 hours. Others spend 12 hours or more on the water. The longer the trip, the more opportunities you'll have to haul in that evening's dinner.

The takeaway is that if you have questions, ask the captain. Don't worry about inconveniencing him or her. The captain's job is to do everything possible to make certain you have a great time. 

Secret #3 – Set Out With The Right Expectations

If you go out onto the water with the expectation that you'll bring home a 200 kg marlin or tuna, you'll be setting yourself up for disappointment. Although the waters around Fiji are abundant with fish that reach those weights, it's not easy to wrestle them aboard the boat. Doing so requires considerable skill and stamina.

Some fish will get loose. There's also a chance they won't take your bait, leaving you with few opportunities to catch your prey.

It's important to have reasonable expectations when hiring a charter. While its captain can set the stage for a fun, productive day, he or she can't force the fish to bite.

When you stay at the Namotu Island Resort, you'll have access to fishing experts who can offer tips on how to maximise the day's catch. Those same individuals can also direct you to reputable fishing charters in Fiji run by experienced, seasoned captains.