Enjoy Access To The Best Surf Breaks In Fiji At Namotu Island Resort

Surfing in Fiji is unlike surfing anywhere else. The coral reefs that are found throughout the ocean waters in this area create some of the world's best surfing, but getting to those legendary surf spot isn’t as simple as paddling out from a beach. You need to know where they are and you need a way to get there. Fortunately, when you stay at Namotu Island Resort, we can provide everything that is needed to get you to the best surf breaks in Fiji.

Prime Surf Spots Near Namotu Island Resort

You have your pick of surf breaks in Fiji at Namotu Island Resort. We're conveniently located next to seven of the areas hottest surf spots. These are:

  • Namotu Lefts. You will find consistently great surfing year-round here, especially at high tide. Breaks are typically from the southwest with groundswells occurring more frequently than wind swells. This is one of the least crowded surf breaks in Fiji.
  • Swimming Pools. Great for any kind of surfer at any skill level. Playful waves at this right-handed reef break deliver consistent surfing conditions. You'll find long and short boarders here as well as paddleboarders.
  • Wilkes. Another one that is good for almost any level of experience, Wilkes Pass is a fun right hand reef. The reef break is exposed so watch out for rips and rocks. One of the more crowded spots.
  • Cloudbreak. World famous, complex, and consistent are just some of the words used to describe Cloudbreak. Expect thick, fast left barrels coming from many different angles. This spot is best for advanced surfers.
  • Restaurants. One of the very best surf breaks in Fiji, Restaurants can be expected to deliver 3 to 8 foot waves when offshore winds come from the east-southeast. Waves change with the time of day and the tide. This spot is atop a dangerous reef so is best attempted at medium to high tide.
  • Tavarua Rights. Fun no matter what the weather brings. This right-hander is good for long or short boards and is located right behind Tavarua Island.
  • Desperations. You can almost always find swells here, even if they are non-existent elsewhere. These are fast waves, best tackled at high tide. You'll find both lefts and rights here.

If none of these famous surf breaks in Fiji have what you're looking for, our local guides can find what you need at some of the less well-known spots.

Namotu Island Resort Takes You To The Surf Breaks In Fiji

Since these swells break over the reef, you'll need transportation to get out to them. Our boat transfers are available all day, every day to take you out to any surf breaks in Fiji that are on your list. Contact Namotu Island Resort today and start planning your dream surfing vacation in beautiful Fiji!