Brisa Hennessy is cooking her way through COVID

brisa hennessy cooking namotu

And she’s not alone. Between breakdowns and lockdowns, an army of sourdough bakers and croissant makers have rediscovered their love of cooking and other hobbies this year. Brisa Hennessy is one of them, cooking for the tiny crew on the Island in our commercial kitchen.

Yes, Namotu is probably the best place to be right now – no COVID-19, plenty of waves, sun & salt water. But there’s only so much surfing and gardening you can handle and there’s a small community here to feed.

Brisa (WSL surfer) has been creating some recipes and videos and we thought it was time to share a few here on the blog.

Mike’s favourite gnocchi!

They’re all vegan and gluten free and it seems even the Hennessys are tired of sashimi as there are no fish recipes?!

Something sweet…

Here’s an update from Brisa…

“The weather and the surf has been ever changing but that’s the beauty of of staying in Namotu. We have experienced it all from rain, wind, sunshine, rainbows, perfect glassy waves, to solid, offshore conditions. 

A typical day for would be going out for an early surf with mom at Lefts, making breakfast and then doing some yard work/gardening/school. Mom and I will then make lunch for the crew and I’ll stay in the kitchen after lunch experimenting on recipes. After lunch dad and I will then go surfing. Mom and I then will make dinner for everyone and then take a lap around the island. And then lights are out by 9:30. Literally!” – Brisa.