Fiji Game Fishing For Wahoo: 3 Tricks To Catching This Speedy Prey

Wahoo is found year-round in Fiji. Game fishing enthusiasts often use the Namotu Island Resort as their base of operations for catching this quick-moving fish. They reserve comfortable villas and bures on the island so they can stay close to some of the world's top recreational fishing spots.

Wahoo are relatively small compared to other fish found in the tropical waters near Fiji (they top out at approximately 85 kg). But they pose a challenge to even experienced anglers. They're fast and slender, making them a difficult target to catch. Hooking one is no guarantee you'll be able to haul it in. The wahoo's razor-sharp teeth can easily cut through a light line.

The following 3 tips will help you to stalk and catch this fast-moving quarry.

#1 – Master The Art Of High-Speed Trolling

Trolling is a fishing technique that involves pulling several lines through the water. It's used to catch many types of fish, including the wahoo.

But mere trolling is rarely enough to hook this swift and nimble prey. The boat needs to move quickly through the water. Trolling at speeds up to 25 knots can snag wahoo as they're investigating the multiple lures and bait.

High-speed trolling is a stimulating experience that every fishing devotee should have an opportunity to enjoy. Come to Namotu to catch wahoo and you'll get that opportunity.

#2 – Slow The Boat And Wait For The Prize

Wahoo love floating debris. If you're using live bait near such debris, you can slow your boat to 6 or 7 knots and still catch your quarry. Some anglers have even reported bringing their boats to a complete stop and having wahoo grab their bait and bolt away.

If you slow your boat, be ready to give it a burst of speed. If a wahoo takes your lure, you'll need the boat's forward momentum to pull the fish toward you.

#3 – Learn How To Jig For Wahoo

Jigs are a type of lure. Like other lures, they're made with a strong, hooked wire. The difference is that the wire is dressed up in elements that are intended to attract certain fish. Tinsel, rubber skirts and even feathers are used to make the jig appear like bait while hiding its hook. The body is often decorated to resemble certain types of live bait, such fish or squid.

Jigging is a productive technique when you're targeting wahoo. One strategy is to submerge the jig 60 or 70 feet, and then quickly reel it in to catch the wahoo's attention. If the fish takes the bait, the jig's upward trajectory will help to embed the hook into its mouth.

In Fiji, game fishing for wahoo is a fun and exciting experience. That's largely due to the fish's speed and agility. If you've never chased this fish, you're in for a treat and a challenge. After you reserve your accommodations at the Namotu Island Resort, ask our expert fishing guides for their best secrets to snagging this swift-moving prey.