Best Gear For Kitesurfing Fiji

If you've ever watched a kitesurfer in action, you've probably been drawn to the sense of freedom and exhilaration the sport displays. It's no wonder it's one of the most popular watersports these days. Most people get started with lessons and use the equipment provided by the school, but once you've got the skills, it's time to get your own gear. Some people even buy their own gear while still taking lessons so they can test out their new equipment with an instructor watching them. Here's what you need to get started.

Gear Needed For Kitesurfing

  • Kite. The kite is based on your size and the conditions where you plan to surf. There are different styles of kites, like C-shape, bow, hybrid and delta. So do some research and test out different designs before you make a purchase. The kite should come with a bar, line, and pump. 
  • Kiteboard. Boards come in many sizes and yours will be based on your weight, the local wind conditions where you plan to kitesurf, and your experience level. Larger people need larger boards and beginners do better with larger boards, but larger boards also tend to be less powerful than smaller ones, so keep that in mind and make your choice based on your experience level. Choose a board that is easy to ride and challenges you a bit. If you choose one you can master from the first day, you'll quickly outgrow it.
  • Harness. A harness may seem like an unnecessary expense for kitesurfing in Fiji but a good harness will help support your arms and back and relieve the discomfort that can arise after hours of kiting. A harness has two advantages. First, it leverages the entire weight of your body against the kite instead of just your arm and back muscles. Second, it frees up your arms from maintaining a hold and balance so you can execute more technical skills. Harnesses are available as waist harnesses or seat harnesses. Choose a lightweight, adjustable, ergonomic harness for the best mobility. 
  • Travel bag. A kitesurfing travel bag is optional but highly recommended if you plan to travel to Fiji with your personal gear. Bag size will be determined by the number of kites and the number and size of boards you will be packing. Some bags are the size of golf bags, others are bigger.

That's it as far as basic kitesurfing gear goes! Kitesurfing in Fiji really doesn’t require a lot of equipment, just get out there and enjoy the waves.