Benefits Of Hiring Fishing Charters In Fiji

charter fishing namotu fiji

If you’re staying at Namotu Island Fiji, we are ready to make your next excursion unforgettable! Let us show you the many benefits of having an experienced captain and fully stocked boat at your disposal with our private Fiji fishing charter boats, the Mai Kana, Mitaia Rua and Cobalt. Whether you’re a professional angler traversing the globe or a casual sportsman, when an opportunity arises, hiring fishing charters in Fiji and other foreign locales has many benefits.

#1 Owning Boats Is Expensive – Rent One Instead

A flat-bottom boat for casual river, lake and lagoon fishing is actually very affordable. Want to head into the blue and snag the next trophy for your man cave? You’ll need a much larger game fishing boat equipped with a game fishing chair, GPS and depth finder, and heavy-duty rod holders for your pricey equipment. The price of the boat is just the beginning – you’ll also have to pay for monthly storage, maintenance, and transportation to the location of your next fishing adventure. Fishing in Fiji one week and Key West, Florida, the next with your own boat requires some pretty expensive logistics.

#2 Learning From A Local Captain & Crew Is Invaluable

Especially if you are just visiting a new place, having a seasoned fisherman on the boat with you can prove an invaluable asset. You might know what fish the area is known for, but do you know where to find them or how to catch them? A professional guide does, and most anglers find the price of a charter well worth the first-hand knowledge they receive in return.

#3 Have A Hassle-Free Fishing Experience

So you flew halfway around the world and didn’t bring a rod to catch one of those wahoos you’ve been drooling over? No problem! Fishing charters in Fiji provide all the equipment you need, including the boat and finding devices, rods, reels, tackle, and a huge assortment of lures and bait. All you have to do is show up and bring a few personal items.

#4 Enjoy Time With Friends And Family

Hiring Fiji fishing charters takes the pressure off you to captain the boat and find the fish. Knowing someone else is handling the details and all you have to do is cast, catch, and release allows you to relax and spend time with your friends or family. If you’ve traveled to Fiji for the fishing trip of a lifetime, you want to enjoy it – not stress about finding the fish!