Don’t Forget Sun Protection When Enjoying The Fiji Surf

Before heading out into the Fiji surf you want to take a moment to prepare for the sun. Excessive exposure to UV rays does more than just fade your youthful looks; it significantly increases your chance of developing skin cancer. When out on the water you are getting sun not just from above but also from the rays reflected off the water's surface. The staff here at Namotu Island Resort recommends you arm yourself with the following:

Waterproof Sunblock – Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 (or higher) sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you head out into the Fiji surf. Apply to any exposed areas, and that includes your scalp since hair is not really a very good sun protector. Slather on sunscreen generously. Experts recommend at least two tablespoons for the average adult.

Wetsuit Or Rash Vest – A wetsuit protects you from the cold temperatures you can get even in the Fiji surf, but it also provides great sun protection. Not all surfers like to wear a wetsuit though, in which case we recommend you invest in a rash vest of SPF 40 or higher. T-shirts provide very little sun protection, especially once they get wet. Top that off with a nylon or neoprene surfing cap to protect your scalp and ears.

Sunglasses – The eyes are designed to absorb light, which makes them especially susceptible to sun damage. In addition to eyelid and conjunctival cancers, UV exposure increases your chance of developing cataracts or macular degeneration. A pair of UV-blocking, wraparound sunglasses will keep your eyes safe. Even if you can't keep sunglasses on when you surf, at least slap on a pair when you are back on the beach.

Your Brain – The most important piece of safety equipment! Be smart about when you are out in the sun. UV rays are most intense between 10 am and 4 pm, so limit your surfing time during those hours. Morning and evening surfing is often less crowded so you have more waves for yourself.

Many of these important sun protection items can be purchased at the resort boutique in case you forgot them while packing. The staff of Namotu Island Resort wants all of our guests to enjoy the Fiji surf, but be sure to stay safe and healthy!