Log Daze with Eryn Krouse: longboarding and more in Fiji

eryn krouse longboarding namotu

Summer in Fiji means hot weather, glassy days and smaller swells that are perfect for longboarding with friends. Californian surfer girl Eryn Krouse & her boyfriend Michael joined us for a holiday in January and documented their trip on film, showing Namotu is the perfect couples surf destination.

These 10-15minute clips showcase what life on the Island is all about (not just for couples but for all our guests) so if you haven’t visited us before, check them out to catch a glimpse of everything from food to Fiji night.

Swimming, snorkelling, surfing and sun. With poké bowls and delicious food in between. Glorious summer days spent around the ocean.

Pristine Pacific Ocean: surfing, snorkelling, paddleboarding and more

It’s not just surfing on Namotu – you can relax by the pool, get a massage, practise yoga and snorkel the beautiful reef.