Surfing Fiji How To Recover At Namotu Resort

How To Recover From a Big Day Surfing At Namotu Island Resort


A day of surfing in Fiji is perfection. With the clear water and the warm sun surrounding you, Fiji surf holidays are relaxing, refreshing, and fun. But while a day of surfing is fun, it’s also exhausting. After hours of climbing your board, riding waves, and swimming, you’re going to have to give your body a chance to recover. Once you’ve taken good care of yourself, you’ll be ready to go out and hit the waves for another day.




When you put your body through an activity as physically demanding as surfing, it’s going to require the very best fuel. Protein is important for replenishing lost energy and building muscle. Namotu Restaurant serves fresh fish such as yellow fin tuna and mahi mahi, which are high in protein and low in saturated fat, making them ideal entrees after a day of surfing Fiji.


Carbohydrates are also important for refueling. Carbohydrates turn to glucose in your body, which can either be used immediately or stored in the muscles for later use. Foods like granola, fruit, whole grains, and legumes will quickly replace the energy you need to make it through the evening, while also building your body up for upcoming days of surfing and swimming.




It seems ironic that spending your day floating in the deep blue water of the Pacific Ocean could contribute to dehydration. Of course, experienced surfers know that the sunny Fiji surf spots are actually easy places to let your body’s water reserves get too low. Between the physical demand of surfing, the accidentally (and inevitably) ingested seawater, and the complete lack of cup-holders on surfboards, it’s challenging to stay properly hydrated while surfing.


Nothing beats water for rehydrating yourself. Drink until you aren’t thirsty, and then drink a bit more. Your body will thank you for restoring your reserves and helping rid it of toxins. Though sports drinks may be tempting, they’re mostly made of sugar and not nearly as beneficial as water.




You will be mentally and physically exhausted after a day of surfing Fiji. Restore your mind with deep breathing exercises or meditation, either in the privacy of your villa or on the peaceful evening beach. Achieving mental clarity will prepare you for another successful day of surfing the breaks.


Physically, you’ll find relief from relaxing and stretching. A resort massage will release the lactic acid built up in your muscles and help to reduce soreness, and a yoga session will stretch your muscles just enough to help you sleep at night. And after a long day of surfing, a healthy dinner, and some serious hydration, what could be better than a good night’s sleep to prepare you for another awesome day of surfing?