Brisa Hennessy’s Surf Movie, Fiji Perspective

RipCurl has just dropped a new doco on our very own Brisa Hennessy and her time on Namotu last year. When the 2020 WSL Tour was cancelled, Brisa and her parents, Mike & Katie, went straight to Fiji. They ended up spending nearly a year managing Namotu, acting as caretakers, handling renovations, cleaning up after a nasty cyclone and developing a Namotu produce garden. Of course to stay sane they did a whole lot of surfing too.

Brisa Hennessy’s RipCurl surf movie, “Fiji Perspective” shows how the experience changed Brisa’s perspective, not just on big waves, but the big picture.

The WSL surfing tour has kicked off again and Brisa is once again travelling and competing around the world. But the year spent training, living and thriving in Fiji will never be forgotten. We are so excited to watch Brisa’s career and cheer her on, wherever it takes her. And of course she’ll be back here in Fiji again too. Keep an eye out for her charging at Cloudbreak.